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Re: Tommy is out(?)

jimmythegent wrote:

All things considered, its reinvigorated the Guns community. I don't remember a buzz like this in a while. Something must be happening? I remember in around 2005 when things went dead, one website did an 'interview' with AxlRoseVen. That was how desperate things became.

On an unrelated note, Richards utility may just play him into a strong spot in future lineups. He can shred (cover the bucket type stuff) and cover the Izzy stuff if he's not part of it.

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Re: Tommy is out(?)

TheMole wrote:
jimmythegent wrote:

Most desirable and pragmatic solution for me is as follows:
4. Take Frank, Chris, Dizzy, Richard, Slash, Duff and Axl out on the reunion tour Izzy popping in for regular slots and/or Matt/Steven if viable.

Agreed, but sans Pitman...

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Re: Tommy is out(?)

misterID wrote:

Mother Goose is Axl's new Izzy, he's not going anywhere.

Re: Tommy is out(?)

johndivney wrote:


MrID is on fire in this thread too! It's like all the bullshit he ate from msl the exact opposite happened! Funny stuff reading people's predictions a year on.

Re: Tommy is out(?)

Sky Dog wrote:

Lighten up Francis.....Tommy obviously knew what was going on in man.

Re: Tommy is out(?)

johndivney wrote:

You are a funny fucker mate.

Happy with the Nobel prize?

Smoking Guns
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Re: Tommy is out(?)

Smoking Guns wrote:

I am noticing those that didn't think a reunion would happen also feel Hillary wins in a landslide. Hmmmmm hahahaha

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