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James Izzy tweet about Axl and Duff interview

excellent points

+ 139 weeks ago
James Something is up with Pitman

great post

+ 175 weeks ago
misterID Something is up with Pitman

Great post

+ 175 weeks ago
Saikin Soundgarden Discussion (King Animal out NOW!)

Great review!

+ 339 weeks ago
RussTCB Soundgarden Discussion (King Animal out NOW!)

Soundgarden snippets

+ 341 weeks ago
Gibbo Album cover and trailer for new Soundgarden album

Soundgarden \nn/

+ 348 weeks ago
Olorin RRHoF Discussion (Izzy/Slash/Axl Press Statements)


+ 371 weeks ago
Mikkamakka RRHoF Discussion (Izzy/Slash/Axl Press Statements)


+ 371 weeks ago
monkeychow RRHoF Discussion (Izzy/Slash/Axl Press Statements)

great post. I think we're all a little hurt by this.

+ 371 weeks ago
Axlin16 RRHoF Discussion (Izzy/Slash/Axl Press Statements)

what a tragically sad, but brilliant post

+ 371 weeks ago
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