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James Chris Cornell dead

Worried Moon

+ 339 weeks ago
Furbush Limp Bizkit reforming...

hear hear

+ 503 weeks ago
mitchejw an adventure in self exploration

women advice

+ 564 weeks ago
RussTCB What Is The Saddest Song Ever Written? (RS Article)


+ 573 weeks ago
James Soundgarden Discussion (King Animal out NOW!)

good points

+ 576 weeks ago
Axlin16 Windows 8

thx 4 the insight

+ 578 weeks ago
buzzsaw Taylor Swift Discussion


+ 579 weeks ago
Bono Does age difference matter when it comes to dating?

good answers which i think apply more often than not. there are exceptions though I think

+ 580 weeks ago
Axlin16 When's Album?

totally agree, awesome post

+ 621 weeks ago
Bono Trunk Interviews RRHOF President


+ 623 weeks ago
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