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Re: New 4tus interview

Ragnar wrote:
Smoking Guns wrote:
Ragnar wrote:

I can see Izzy join as a guest here and there if he and Axl hash out an agreement but there`s little to zero chance of Steven and Matt ever perform with them again.

What did Steven do wrong? I thought he sounded great!

The mere fact that he exists.

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Re: New 4tus interview

James wrote:

Welcome Dale. 5

I don't think [the money] was a motivating factor to anyone.


Come on. I'm sure there are other reasons(closure on the feud for starters) but lets not act like money isn't a factor. They aren't doing stadiums at a few hundred bucks a pop for charity.

[As Guns,] we communicate all the time. Between Slash, Duff, Axl and myself, it's this text going back and forth, every night, once we're back to our hotel rooms. We hang out, we all travel together, on the same plane...

I love this aspect of it. It makes the future so much brighter.

[The current live show] is definitely different than anything I've ever been involved with. Every night's different, on some nights we throw in more or less [CD songs], but we always play at least a couple. Chinese Democracy and Better, off that album, get played every night - and This I Love, actually.

Call me crazy but I wish the title track had been saved for the reunion. They are the only lineup to do it justice since 2001. They brought it back to its roots.

Its still my favorite track from the CD sessions and the few times I check one of these new shows(not often), its always the first song I search on youtube.

We are messing with ideas every day. We do at least an hour of soundcheck and we'll play through different ideas, new ideas, put stuff down on tape, yeah. It's really organic and it's the same with rehearsals. We're always putting down different ideas and getting stuff together. Getting ready for that, yeah.

For the first time ever...I have hope in this statement. During the CD era when Fortus, Ashba, etc. talked about tinkering with ideas in studios or rehearsals, it meant less than nothing. Now it is different for obvious reasons.

Doesn't mean we'll get an album but the chances are better than they ever were pre-reunion.

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