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PaSnow L.A. Guns release new video "Speed"

Tesla. & I agree abt Tracii Guns.

+ 222 weeks ago
mitchejw Is This Forum Dying?

lmao so not PC but probably correct

+ 224 weeks ago
James Facebook Announcement

fair point

+ 229 weeks ago
Axlin16 Steven Adler Reddit AMA

So fucking spot on

+ 240 weeks ago
Axlin16 Steven Adler Reddit AMA

spot fucking on

+ 243 weeks ago
esoterica Song Idea for GNR

Oh My God is great

+ 254 weeks ago
polluxlm Axl Rose Vs Steven Tyler (Versions Vs Originals)

Pretty much

+ 262 weeks ago
pacu44 Izzy Stradlin MTV News segment(1992)

axl apologist

- 269 weeks ago
polluxlm Official band pic


+ 273 weeks ago
James Catcher and Lennon

CITR lyrics definitely epic

+ 274 weeks ago
Reputation system for PunBB

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