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Re: Tommy in RS

johndivney wrote: … nr-w458836

No much Guns gossip but what there is is juicy..

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Re: Tommy in RS

Will wrote:

Thanks for posting, was a cool read 9 I've not bought the new B&P album but I will definitely get around to it, loved Friday Night and just about everything else in Tommys discog 5

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Re: Tommy in RS

PaSnow wrote:

Good read overall. Ashame he never did move on with another band, either in the 90s alt rock scene or if he bounced from Guns midway thru.

This part tho:  "There's also stuff that was held over from [the original lineup] before they all disbanded, so there's some stuff that should someday see the light of day."

Man, either a box set, or outtakes album this November would be sooo great!

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Re: Tommy in RS

BLS-Pride wrote:

I really hope that Axl, Slash, and Duff went over or fooled around with or just talked about doing something with that held over material Tommy mentioned.

Re: Tommy in RS

johndivney wrote:

Wishful thinking.
Slash & Duffer are too busy counting their cash. Think Scrooge mcduck or the desolation of Smaug. Axl's been too busy moonlighting in Acca Dacca.

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Re: Tommy in RS

This was a phenomenal read.

I am really hoping that Paul and Tommy can make it work. It would be so dope to have a Mats new album.

Especially if Josh Freese was involved in it.

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