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Re: 'Startup' on Crackle

PaSnow wrote:

Anyone watch this show, or any original programming on Crackle?  I've been meaning to give it a chance & watched Startup. It's pretty good, a bit too heavy on stereotypes (gangbangers, trust fund kids etc) and cliche's. It's about a software startup that seeks investors & ultimately begins relying on those in the criminal field looking to launder money. Sorta shot in a hip, modern style, almost like an updated Miami Vice. The kicker cliche, the software coder is a hot young latina well endowed who wears a wifebeater tank top in every scene:)

Hey, I just was it for the dialogue & storyline:D  Seen 3 episodes so far, kindof engaging. Crackles an online streaming channel on Rokus, Fires, Chromecast etc. Owned by Sony now & mostly shows old movies & reruns.

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Re: 'Startup' on Crackle

James wrote:

Is every site starting to have its own exclusive series? How do people even keep track?

Is this the channel that had a bunch of mini-documentaries a few years back? If it is, I watched some of them. The one on that culture that revolved around the garbage dumps in Nigeria was mind blowing.

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