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Re: Steven Adler hospitalized

ClaudeF wrote:

TMZ is reporting that he stabbed himself in what sounds less like a genuine suicide attempt so much as a cry for help.

Poor Steven. Hope he finds the peace he so desperately needs: … -hospital/

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Re: Steven Adler hospitalized

jimmythegent wrote:

Horrible news , hope he’s ok.
Here’s hoping he hasn’t relapsed but I guess that’s a huge possibility.
Seemed to never be able to get over being fired and then the limited involvement in NITL must have brought it all to the surface again

Smoking Guns
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Re: Steven Adler hospitalized

Smoking Guns wrote:

I just watched that Reelz documentary on GNR and was feeling for Steven and then this happened.

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Re: Steven Adler hospitalized

Neemo wrote:


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