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Re: Hello Virtual Currency

Anyone play this game?  I'm kicking myself for just using BTC to buy shit on agora when it was $200 a coin.  Some friends have talked me into investing into alternate crypto currencies and I'm investing a few hundred dollars at a time until I delude myself into thinking I understand it.

Randall Flagg
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Re: Hello Virtual Currency

I’m with you man. I loved Agora and bought all my weed off there. Can’t believe coins jumped like that.

I put a couple grand in VeChain, in hopes it takes off in the next couple years. But it’s all a gamble.

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Re: Hello Virtual Currency

PaSnow wrote:

Odd first post from a member, however I'll add into it (Keep an eye out if they come back & post links later tho). I read about Bitcoin in a magazine about 3 or 4 years ago, so you wanna talk about kicking yourself. I think it was about a year before it exploded up to $17K or whatever. Still, it might've been around $100 or so, which, in reality could tank in itself.

I remember talking with my brother about it, and what he knew of it. The whole thing with the 'unknown creator/owner' kinda made me skeptical it was just a prank gone viral. Plus I didn't really have that much extra money to spend on it. Still, if I put something like $1000 into it, I would've had like a couple hundred thousand or million or so. Again, the thinking was I'd also lose the thousand, or that the $100 would dip down to penny stocks.

As with all investing tho, hindsight is 20/20. I'm not too into it esp these 'other' crypto's.  Kinda like all these streaming TV services coming out, not all will succeed, step out of the game & see who wins imho.

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