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Re: Geraldo's eye on the vault....

AndreCC wrote:

Missing Oh My God on that list

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Re: Geraldo's eye on the vault....

James wrote:

It's not missing. OMG was released in 99 and had no chance of being released again.

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Re: Geraldo's eye on the vault....

wasted wrote:
James wrote:

Call me crazy but the more I hear from the vault, the less I want Slash and Duff's hands on it. lol

I do realize them putting their touches on it is probably the only way it will ever be released so I'll take it....but holy shit....those early CD lineups really had something special in the tank and I really wish that Axl would've focused more on the harder edge material.

So Tommy was saying that after these 22 tracks that we are hearing now, there was material Fortus, DJ, Dizzy, whoever were working on too?

I don't consider anything that lineup worked on to be Chinese....and more than likely nothing came out of it anyways. Hell, Ron said the 2009-14 lineup did nothing but tour.

Well yes I wouldn’t call it Chinese. I’m not sure when CD II was considered done or finished. Or if these songs like Hardschool and Atlas are considered done. But anyway I think there was some more writing and recording that Fortus and Dizzy talked about, this was past CD II being finished. I think everything was backing into the mixer again. Old Slash riffs, Axl’s material.

I haven’t studied exactly the 4 discs. My impression is that it’s basically CD I, II, III, IV.

Disc 1 is Beavans version and most of those songs made it on CD.
Disc 2 - assume it’s CD II material like Shackkers, ITW, Sorry that made it on to CD. But it’s like Bucket working on songs from Beavan era.
Disc 3 - Basically Bucket’s CD III ideas and re-recording of some songs. With RTB.
Disc 4 - Assume more Bucket instrumentals. I’ve lost track but maybe Quick Song and Zodiac, Ides. Basically CD IV.

4 discs probably ends up being 3 full cd albums.

I agree it’s tricky one with how Slash etc takes on this material, especially the Bucket stuff. Let’s say he doesn’t. There’s kind of a Lies type album and a Instumental album there that kind of mirrors the post AFD era of Lies and Spaghetti. And there’s some purity to that.

If Slash does work on it then it’s stuff like Oklahoma, Hardschool, Atlas, Perhaps, that seem more in his wheel house. Possibly Zodiac and Quick Song, Elvis. Seems like Axl added vocals to Soul Monster. Which takes it back to Axl saying CD II was finished. Listening to Elvis and Zodiac I find it difficult to see how Slash could add parts, Buckets instrumentals are complete. It’s the more Axl songs that Slash could beef up and there’s still new material and how much Slash and Duff contribute songwriting wise. I expect Slash could re-record Oklahoma and Hardschool and write something new. It’s really how to fit Slash etc into a finished Soul Monster track. If you don’t you get more of a mix tape and if you do you might lose some Bucket magic.

I’d be tempted to leave a lot for the CD box set and take Hardschool and Atlas to the next album maybe Berlin and Soul Monster too. Perhaps is great too. Axl has this material now over Slash and Duff for Guns side. A cover maybe.

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Re: Geraldo's eye on the vault....

misterID wrote:

Slash wouldn't try to copy Bucket. It would probably be he and Richard reworking them.

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Re: Geraldo's eye on the vault....

James wrote:

Wasted is right though....even in this early stage, tracks like Oklahoma, Soul Monster, Quick Song, Zodiac, D Tune, and Curly Shuffle are finished instrumentally.

You cannot add to those songs above without turning them into noise pollution, you can only subtract which does the songs and their creators a disservice.

The songs are between a rock and a hard place. Amazing as is but if they ever want to be wrapped in cellophane or streamed on Spotify, for better or worse changes are coming.

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