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Re: RIP Eddie Van Halen

PaSnow wrote:

I never did get the Michael Anthony thing. Eddie just screwed him outta nowhere? (Putting his son on bass)  Michael was always the quiet one, i heard he sang the Roth songs well.

And for Eddie & Daves fued, dont you think that was both ways?  Im sure Eddie was difficult, but I recall the MTV 96 interview him saying Dave said "This is MY show" or something about like a VMA rdd carpet appearance or something, which cancelled off any reunion talk.

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Re: RIP Eddie Van Halen

bigbri wrote:
James wrote:


Steve Perry just said Eddie wanted him to come rehearse with Van Halen and tryout for the band in 85. He declined because his and Roth's style didn't mesh and he didn't want to do those songs.

In other words.... there's an alternate universe where Steve Perry joins Van Halen in 1985.

It's unfortunate that Perry didn't understand that post Roth VH was not going to revolve around the old material. He would've only had to sing a handful of Roth songs.

Judging by 1986 Van Hagar's Live Without a Net release, these are the Roth songs he would've performed....

Ain't Talking About Love

That's it. Of course they wound up doing Jump later on as well.

So a grand total of 3 Roth songs.

They performed two solo Hagar a Perry fronted VH would've likely added....

Don't Stop Believing
Separate Ways

All other songs from the set would've been Van Perry's debut album.

What a crazy world....

Yeah, I saw this. I’m not sure Perry would work. But we’ll only be left to imagine. The timing works though. After Journey released Frontiers in 83, they quietly pretty much were gonna be dormant. They managed to get back for the farewell Raised on Radio album and tour in late 85.

I would say, I bet they wouldn’t play the popular Journey tunes out of respect.

I could see them doing Perry’s solo song Strung Out, which Journey played on that 86 tour and maybe a less popular Journey rocker like Stone in Love or Any Way You Want It.

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Re: RIP Eddie Van Halen

James wrote:

I think it's a near perfect fit. The direction Eddie was going in (more keyboard driven) is right up Perry's alley. It also gives Van Halen potential in the ballad department (Faithfully) which was completely lacking with Roth/Hagar.

Eddie just wants to write music while his singer writes lyrics. Perry can obviously step up to the plate here.

You're right....I immediately jumped to two big Journey hits I could imagine them doing while forgetting Perry's solo material in that timeframe. Hell...Oh Sherry was still getting some airplay at that time so yeah.... they're doing his solo material.

One problem with these what if? scenarios in music is the mind jumps to the album that this case 5150. It's easy to say Perry would suck on Best of Both Worlds. The problem is that it wouldn't be the Best of Both Worlds with Perry. Hell...Perry might reject that music completely.

I do think Perry could've done something special with Love Walks In and Dreams. The music not really a huge departure for him.

Where a Van Perry might start running into trouble is when we get to the 90s and Eddie wants some Pound cake. On the other hand, Perry had a way of controlling the music in his band so maybe they can stay on the same page.

I know one thing...

This is the most interesting alternate Van Halen that could've happened.

And for Eddie & Daves fued, dont you think that was both ways?

It was definitely both ways. The problem is that Dave essentially shut up while Eddie and Alex wouldn't stop running their mouths and when the late 90s hit...they were bitching about both Roth and Hagar!

When they saw Roth stop whining, they needed to get a clue and follow his lead.

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