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Re: RIP Eddie Van Halen

PaSnow wrote:

Ashame. Didn't know he was that sick. RIP, truly one of the greats!

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Re: RIP Eddie Van Halen

James wrote:


We knew he was sick....months ago Roth let it slip that he wasnt doing well at all and VH was basically over. It's when Eddie was on death watch by fans. It's actually surprising he lasted this long.

It's still a huge blow. There will never be another Eddie Van Halen.

The 2020s are going to be a terrible decade when it comes to the loss of the surviving icons from the 60s-80s.

Fleetwood Mac

Female icons like Blondie, Madonna, Gloria Estefan, etc

List goes on and on and on....

Gonna listen to Van Halen today in tribute.

It's time for Roth to reunite the Eat Em And Smile lineup for a show or two. It almost happened in 2015. No reason not to do it now.

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Re: RIP Eddie Van Halen

bigbri wrote:

This really sucks.

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Re: RIP Eddie Van Halen

Wagszilla wrote:

This sucks.

Rest in peace to an absolute legend.

Randall Flagg
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Re: RIP Eddie Van Halen

The world is worse off today.

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Re: RIP Eddie Van Halen

jimmythegent wrote:

One of the greats for sure - a sad day - not unexpected. Will be playing some VH today no doubt...

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Re: RIP Eddie Van Halen

Neemo wrote:

Was sad to hear today

Rip Eddie!

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Re: RIP Eddie Van Halen

James wrote:

I know the global consensus is that the downward spiral started with Van Hagar...and there is a drop in quality no doubt...but 5150 has some damn good songs.

Best of Both Worlds
Love Walks In

OU812 has a legacy of crap production but Finish What  Ya Started IMO is one of the best songs in the discography. It's the most Roth like song from Van Hagar.

After those two albums, other than a couple songs, they lost me.

I loved Diver Down. Brings back memories of 4th grade. I got into it after 1984 blew up. It's a really fun album. Gonna download it. I only have the hits albums on my computer now.

I should give Balance a listen. I hated it back then and never bothered with it again.

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Re: RIP Eddie Van Halen

Wagszilla wrote:

Fair Warning is underrated. Great Eddie record.

ADKOT is underrated.

Balance is better than FUCK.

Sammy got Robin Finck'd by the band. He shouldn't have to put up with that.

But lets keep it positive.

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