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Re: Metallica - Black album box set

James wrote:

After repeated listens....

I'm with Jason. This could've been turned into the Black album's Orion. It should've been.

Ditch Struggle Within or Don't Tread On Me and create a 7-8 minute instrumental out of this.

Having said that....

I love My Friend of Misery as is on the album. Other than Unforgiven, Misery has Hetfield's best lyrics on the album.

Hard to fault them even when the situation may call for it.

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Re: Metallica - Black album box set

metallex78 wrote:
James wrote:

Wow...they actually included my Metallica Holy Grail.... Jason's original demo of My Friend of Misery that they took the intro for and tossed the rest...which pissed him off but he had to just sit there and take it.


You need to listen again, they also took the melodies played underneath and turned them into the guitar riffs on the song.

They didn’t toss anything from his version really, they just took parts of all of it and fleshed it out into a song.

I do however agree, it could’ve made a great instrumental as well.

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Re: Metallica - Black album box set

James wrote:

Its already sold out. Anyone who wants it will have to go to Amazon, eBay, or wait for discogs to sell used copies.

I know these sets aren't meant to be huge sellers but why in the hell did they only manufacture 52k copies ?!? 18

It's their most iconic album and one of the biggest selling albums of the 1990s. They should've known that people were going to gobble this up.

They should've doubled that number.

I'm gonna wait but instead of streaming it, I went to Pirate Bay and just cherry picked  15 tracks to give a proper spin.

This is a monster set. Took me a half hour to just sift through what I wanted to hear right now.

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Re: Metallica - Black album box set

Wagszilla wrote:

Controlling available inventory artificially props up demand and creates a positive news cycle for the band.

I'm sure they're also limited by available resources due to Coronachan as well.

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Re: Metallica - Black album box set

James wrote:

Been listening to my cherry picked tracks....

Several versions of Misery, Sandman, Unforgiven, Nothing Else Matters, Of Wolf and Man, and Through the Never.

Take 53 of Through the Never stomps ass.

Love the May 91 rough mix of Sandman. The grittier vocals on these mixes suits the material better. 

Sad But True from May is ready to go.

I think if the Elevator version of Nothing Else Matters had been on the album, it might have went to number one.

Hearing the progression of Misery from Jason's demo to finished track is a revelation.

I've only had a taste of this and I'm blown away by how amazing these sessions really were. They were on fire.

Justice has always been my favorite Metallica album. I may be changing my tune.

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