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Re: Definitive list of variations in CD masterings?

ClaudeF wrote:

There’s an incredible Pink Floyd site that documents all variations in how the records are mastered. Here is the page for CDs released in the United States:

What is most interesting from an audio perspective is the “ Track Peak Levels: The peak volume levels for every song on a CD have been noted in this discography. These peak volume levels were read using EAC software, and are measured as percentages, with the maximum possible peak level being 100%. It is useful to use peak level readings to compare CDs, because CDs that have different peak levels reveal that the CDs were made from different masterings (and, therefore, sound different).”

Has anything similar been done for GNR discs? As far as I know there are only two masterings of UYI on CD so far: The original 1991 masters and SHM issued in Japan. But there could be others. The 2016 remaster was issued only on vinyl, correct?

In the absence of any demos on the box set it might be fun to compare the various masterings issued in different countries.

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Re: Definitive list of variations in CD masterings?

James wrote:

*Paging Wagzilla*

If memory serves me correctly, Wagz used to archive this stuff...along with leaks and their origins.

The Pink Floyd fan base has several archivists...same with Fleetwood Mac..or they used to anyways.

That type of thing never really caught on in GNR land.....GNR communities always seemed to revolve around the drama of it all.

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Re: Definitive list of variations in CD masterings?

monkeychow wrote:

Not sure if it counts but I think the versions of the UYI songs on the Greatest Hits CD are mastered differently.

Could be mistaken though, but from memory they sounded like it. Like same mix, newer master.

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