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Re: Irene Cara Dead at 63

James wrote:

A huge part of early 80s culture. You could not escape either of those songs... especially Flashdance. You hear it at home, go somewhere and you hear it in cars going down the road, go to the mall and it's playing in Sears and the food court, have pizza for dinner and you hear it there.


I HATED Fame. The song and more specifically...the show.


I still don't understand how that was so popular.


She was in DC Cab! I forgot about that.... although I haven't watched it since about 84-85.

Trying to make Mr. T a movie star...such innocent times.

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Re: Irene Cara Dead at 63

Yamcha wrote:

RIP Irene Cara.
Contrary to James I loved Fame (the TV show) when I was a kid but my mom hated it. Coco and Leroy were my favourite characters. I watched the movie years later as an adult. I found it good although a bit long.

Hidden Text:

Leroy was probably my first male crush ever. He was so cute and so sexy and a bit of a  bad boy.  A total winner. 16

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