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Re: Slash Shirt Question

benny wrote:

When we went to Hershey to see GNR on Friday, Slash was wearing a Frankenstein shirt.  I've tried Googling to find a similar Frankenstein shirt with no luck.  I want to buy a shirt like that because I thought it looked awesome.  Does anyone know where I could look to find it? Thank you in advance for any help!

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Re: Slash Shirt Question

James wrote:

It's probably custom made.

This reminds me of when I was young and I wanted those various shirts Axl was wearing (Eat the Worm, Manson)....and that Slash shirt....


Drunks Against Mad Mothers

I thought that was hilarious back it's not so funny.

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Re: Slash Shirt Question

Neemo wrote:

I've seen the Charlie don't surf shirt for sale...can't remember where....or when

World's too "woke" for that kinda stuff now

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Re: Slash Shirt Question

monkeychow wrote:

Had a look but couldn't find it either...this one is similar in stonewash version but it's not the exact thing he had. … =8-64&th=1

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Re: Slash Shirt Question

Aussie wrote:

Slash was wearing a similar one in 2017


You can get one like it here: … _relevance


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