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Re: Chinese Democracy tidbits (RUMORS)

James wrote:
F*ck Fear wrote:

I want that HOB 2001 dvd more than the record at this point, as I know one exists.

I am a huge BH fan, and I consider the 2001 lineup to be the best lineup in the post Izzy era(no offense Bumblefoot), but my interest in that HOB vid has dropped to pretty much zero. The people hoarding that really dropped the ball big time. They could have had every demo in circulation in early 06. Once the 06 tour started and things started moving along, interest in that show and era of the band dropped dramatically.

It was almost worthless in 06, and it really became worthless in 07 when Madagascar leaked, since it was rumored that the main page of the DVD had a studio version of Madagascar playing. That was one of the things that added to its myth.

Will I watch it if it leaks? Yeah. Will I care if it never leaks? No, especially considering we have the CD era's best show already in great quality(Rio 01),.

Re: Chinese Democracy tidbits (RUMORS)

Sky Dog wrote:

It would be nice to see Rhiyad live.....:mosh::rock:

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Re: Chinese Democracy tidbits (RUMORS)

PaSnow wrote:
russtcb wrote:

Anyways, I went over to to check out the latest and there's some guy (the original poster) called Bumbleslash that is making a big deal like he has something to release today.

It sounds like someone is trying to pull another MSL.

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