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Re: Britney Spears gets a freaky look

James wrote:

New York (PTI): 'Toxic' pop diva Britney Spears is in trouble again -- this time the fallen star, who underwent a beauty treatment to have her lips plumped up, has ended up with a trout pout.
Yes, the pop princess, who had hoped to keep the treatment a secret by making a hush-hush visit to a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills last week, has left her fans gobsmacked after lip injections gave her slightly more than she bargained for, according to media reports.
"Brit hoped her new lips would improve her look without being really obvious to anyone. But onlookers literally stood opened mouthed when they saw her. She looked freaky," a close friend was quoted as saying.
In fact, the new look comes a few days after Spears's lawyers reached an out-of-court settlement in her hit and run case. The 25-year-old singer was ordered to pay around 500 pounds after hitting a parked car when driving without a valid California license.


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Re: Britney Spears gets a freaky look

Good God, she looks dreadful there.

I like her pumpkin though.

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Re: Britney Spears gets a freaky look

monkeychow wrote:

I really don't understand the plastic surgery culture. Especially facial work...It seems to me pretty women go make themselves look wierd.

People like nicole kidman - used to be one of the most beautiful women in the world, now she looks odd.

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