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Re: First single is If The World? (theory)

Von wrote:

I don't think If the World will be the first single. I do think it's one of the strongest of the leaked tracks and don't fully understand its criticisms, although I can see where they'd be stemming from. I think Riyadh stands no chance at rock radio, wouldn't translate well to any crossover/general audience, wouldn't reach out beyond the current hardcore fanbase, and would be met with a cold/disastrous reception on par with SR and OMG. I think many of you are overestimating your own opinions of this material as being the general public's willingness to accept that sort of material as Guns N' Roses. If the World stands out as a Guns N' Roses track. If the World could easily be the missing song off Use Your Illusion II. I don't see the cheese in the lyrics, and I don't think a general audience will either. I think this Praxis influenced GN'R is nearly unmarketable, but these ballads ... that's what a lot of people think of when they think GN'R. And I don't mean ballads in a bad way. These are beautiful songs. Axl wanted GN'R to be something more akin to Queen. Well, he got that. Not everything has to be AFD and not all of us want another AFD. Ideally yes, I can see why the first single should be a "rocker." I also see what constitutes rockers on this album all but failing at radio. Better is a catchy tune, terrible for introducing this band as a lead off. CD is all intro. TWAT is a masterpiece, but I'm worried is too long and too obtuse.

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Re: First single is If The World? (theory)

tejastech08 wrote:

I think Chinese D itself should have been the first single. Either that or Better, or like James said, Riyadh. That song used to get a lot of shit for some reason, but once we got a studio quality leak, I was very impressed by it. I had never actually heard the damn thing before that time. I'd only heard all the bitching on the forums about it from when it was played live at some point. Anyway, it is a pretty catchy, hard rock song. Better is catchy as hell. And Chinese D has tons of aggression and catchiness to it as well.

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Re: First single is If The World? (theory)

faldor wrote:

As James alluded to, I'm not gonna complain about WHATEVER song they choose as the first single.  As long as it gets things rolling.  I understand it's important to have a solid lead single (see "She Builds Quick Machines"), but I believe the rest of the material is very strong and I also agree that "If The World" is better than some of you are giving it credit for.  My favorite of the 3 newest leaks.

Anyway, it's not necessarily set in stone it'd be a single right, or is it?  It most likely will be on the soundtrack but they don't necessarily have to release it as a single.  They could just throw it out there along with Shackler's and then release another song as a single.  Possible?

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Re: First single is If The World? (theory)

bigbri wrote:

Maybe they'll drop two singles at once. A rocker and a ballad. Journey did that during their highly successful comeback in 1996. Landed them a Grammy nod and a No. 3 album in the nu-metal world.

Pop stations pick up the ballad and rock stations pick up the rocker.

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Re: First single is If The World? (theory)

I actually think the leaks over the past few years might've had an impact in this matter. I mean, I could imagine Better was going to be the first single, but after the leaks it was overfamiliar to the public (yeah, I know relatively speaking not that many people have heard it, but there's been a bit of buzzkill). Likewise Chinese Democracy or TWAT. And as a result, we might end up in the extraordinary situation of having Axl's flamenco pornfunk odyssey being the first single off his comeback album. Weird.

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Re: First single is If The World? (theory)

RussTCB wrote:


NY Giants82
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Re: First single is If The World? (theory)

NY Giants82 wrote:

If The World is one of my favorites of the leaks. Love the music and lyrics.

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Re: First single is If The World? (theory)

buzzsaw wrote:

If there are a lot of fans that have stuck with the band that hate it, it probably isn't a good choice for a single, much less the first single.  They need to pick a song that is liked by the majority and that very few hate.  If the World has too many polar opinions on it for it to be a good choice.

Re: First single is If The World? (theory)

To be honest I like Shackler's better than If The World,but If The World is one of those songs that you can sing along with.Maybe they will release a different song as a first single,maybe one we haven't heard.

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Re: First single is If The World? (theory)

strat0 wrote:

maybe they'll use No Love Remains....

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