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Re: ‘I was cool’ in court, Britney Spears says

James wrote:

LOS ANGELES - Britney Spears won a small victory in family court on Thursday, and to celebrate, the pop star treated herself to a bit of beauty at Neiman Marcus.

Before she had her hair done at the department store, Spears was confronted in traffic by a reporter, who asked her how court went.

'It's cool,' Spears told X17 Online from the confines of her car. 'I don't know if the judge could take it, but I was cool.'

When the reporter suggested to the pop singer that she would get her children back, Spears corrected him.

'I've got '˜em back, baby,' she said before rolling her window up and driving off.

Thursday was a busy day for the singer. She also made a visit to the apartment complex her mother, Lynne, lives in, according to tabloid reports.

Later in the evening she was spotted out again with producer J.R. Rotem. As previously reported on, Rotem worked on tracks for Spears' new album, 'Blackout.'

The two have been hanging out often lately, with paparazzi catching them driving around Los Angeles, hitting clubs and visiting drive-throughs.

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Re: ‘I was cool’ in court, Britney Spears says

She got one overnight visit per week.   I wouldn't call that getting them back.

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Re: ‘I was cool’ in court, Britney Spears says

The main thing is that she has to get her life back on tracks, loose the toxic people who are around her, leave drugs and alcohol, work hard prof. because her single works very well and show her sons mum is a winner and show federline that she is a winner.

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