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Re: DJ Ashba

RussTCB wrote:


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Re: DJ Ashba

James wrote:
Olorin wrote:

If Richard is still going to play the Maddy solo, I hope he irons out the kinks or tries something different with it, his past effort didnt sound good. Give him the Street Of Dreams solo, I reckon thats more up his street.

Fortus should have been fired for his interpretations of the Madagascar solo. I could play it better and I don't even play guitar. Truly a low point in the new band's history. Another reason Axl needs to be at rehearsals. He needs to hear this guy choking before show time.

Ron should have been doing that solo since he joined. If he doesn't want to do it, give it to Ashba. If Ashba doesn't want it, let Pitman sample it.

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Re: DJ Ashba

Olorin wrote:

Its stuttering and just ugly. Dunno what he was thinking, totally killed the feeling of the song.

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Re: DJ Ashba

Axlin16 wrote:

Madagascar has sucked since 2002.

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Re: DJ Ashba

apex-twin wrote:

Sad but true. Bucket did improvise a moving solo every now and then (Leeds being my personal favorite from the '02 tour), but the whole of the work was already laid to waste.

The progression on The Blues is even worse, although the lyrics correspond well with the name change.

I know it's called the Street of Dreams
But that's not stardust on my feet
It leaves a taste that's bittersweet
That's called The Blues

That's right, Axl.

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Re: DJ Ashba

maguire22 wrote:

I'm going to wait and see - at first I was dismayed anyone was replacing Slash, time and trials will tell the tale!

Thx for the vids! wink

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Re: DJ Ashba

monkeychow wrote:
Handsome B. Wonderful wrote:
Olorin wrote:

I cant remember Bumble nailing it, I'll have to check it out.

Considering he only had two weeks to learn all of the songs... He nailed it.

And check out Robin's second solo too. It's awesome.

Agreed...and that vid is from NYC, I think bumble's solo in the version from spain was even closer to the original.

There's no video unfortunately but I do have an mp3:

It's not the worlds best sound quailty, but I can't fault that playing!

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Re: DJ Ashba

Olorin wrote:

Aye that was pretty good, I hope the album version solos becomes sacred and pretty much unchanged like Sweet Child and Jungle have in live shows, despite their creators being absent.

Well, I spoke to Bumble a while back, and he said he's having killswitches put in all his guitars so he can play the Buckethead solos more accurately.

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Re: DJ Ashba

Olorin wrote:


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