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Re: 'Dallas' to be revived on TNT network

apex-twin wrote:

I haven't bothered with the new Dallas, but I admit that sounds good.

I'm tempted to come across that particular episode, eventually - also I think it's great Ewing got both the reprise and a posthumous tribute there. Hagman was a fine actor and he deserves his legacy.

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Re: 'Dallas' to be revived on TNT network

tejastech08 wrote:

Season ending was pretty lame. I think they need to pull the plug on this show.

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Re: 'Dallas' to be revived on TNT network

tejastech08 wrote:

Best thing about the season finale was the song they used at the very end. "Come Unto Me" by the Mavericks. Didn't realize it, but they reunited in 2012 and they came out with a new album in February. This song kicks ass.

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Re: 'Dallas' to be revived on TNT network

Axlin16 wrote:
tejastech08 wrote:

Season ending was pretty lame. I think they need to pull the plug on this show.

I gotta be honest, as a fan of the original series, this show is LOAD-DED-DAH with bugs. The good news is there are some promising aspects.

The biggest issue is the showrunner needs to be FIRED. I have no clue why TNT continues to employ Cynthia Cidre. She was not a fan of the original series, she has loaded the series with enormous plotholes from the original show, so much to the point that the show is a retcon of the original series to an almost unrecognizable state.

I was never terribly impressed with the writing even in Season 1, but I assume like alot of series it was just growing pains. Season 2 continued the fucked plots early on. Ironically Larry's death, and ultimately J.R.'s actually was a benefit to the show. The episodes without Larry this season were better than the ones with him.

In fairness to the writers, they admitted later on the season was pretty much written before Larry's death. Larry dying put the show in a big spot with alot of the season having to be re-written. I didn't believe this until Gary was brought on and Sue Ellen was added into his story. It was obvious this was originally a conflict set up for J.R. vs. Gary to be re-ignited.

Another issue was the finale. The finale and specifically Bobby's scene with taking down Cliff felt forced -- because they were J.R.'s scenes. It felt unnatural for that reason, and it was obvious the original plan for the series was to have J.R. back on top at the end of the season, possibly taking over Barnes Global with John Ross having a hostile takeover of Ewing Energies, and ultimately father and son taking over Dallas, and destroying the Barnes' once and for all, Pamela included.

That would've been a fantastic ending, and I think it was the ending they originally intended. It would've also played into the plots set forth in Season 1.

With Larry/J.R. dead, suddenly Bobby is thrust into taking down Barnes with malice... that is NOT Bobby. Never, ever. Only John Ross. John Ross should've been handed the ball to make the full transition.

Other problems that exist is dead ass characters, and mis-casting. They are trying to set up a new war for the Ewings with the Barnes out of the way now, now facing them off against the Ramos family. There are issues galore with that. Elena is a downright BORING character. I don't know what Jordana Brewster's acting chops are, because she's always played the same character.

Another issue is that at this point -- i'm done with Jesse Metcalfe. Metcalfe is ENTIRELY MISCAST as Christopher Ewing. I don't know what they could do at this point other than find a way to write him off, and bring in Bobby's long lost son with Jenna Wade -- Lucas Wade who was raised by Ray Krebbs in Europe. Lucas could return, with an actor playing him J.R.-style, to reclaim his throne long lost and forgotton. He also could become a severe rival to John Ross. Christopher is dead weight.

Ann Ewing & Emma Ryland are dead ass characters as well. Emma tries to add "shock", but it's all so boring and been there done that. All she is is a Lucy Ewing copycat, and we've seen it before. We know the moves before they happen.

Now they are trying to expand Elena's character and the background of the Ramos family which was already BORING as it is. Not to mention locking out the season hooking up with Emma and making a play for Ryland's company was boring and predictable, and irritating. The finale with Cliff and J.R.'s grave was good, and decent enough (but you could see it from a mile away), but the rest... ugh.

They definitely have problems. But HUGE props to Patrick Duffy, Linda Gray, Ken Kercheval, and newcomers Josh Henderson & Julie Gonzalo. All of them try to rise above the material and have acted fantastically in the stuff they've been given.

My wishes for Season 3 is getting rid of Christopher, Elena, Ann & Emma. The fact that the show runner literally lost over HALF of the audience after Season 1 shows the writing isn't there.

The show needs retooling in order to stay on the air. If the show's ratings don't improve from where they are now, there won't be a Season 4, nor will I want it if the quality doesn't improve, exclusive contract with Netflix or not. Alot of diehard fans of the series cried for TNT to just cancel the series right where it's at right now, and preserve it's vintage quality of the show, especially with Pamela's, J.R.'s, John Ross's and Cliff's stories all resolved and the Ewings back on top.

That's pretty bad. When your diehards are ASKING FOR YOU TO CANCEL THE SHOW... I don't think i've ever heard of that. But then again I think the diehards wear rose-colored glasses when looking at the original series. The show didn't find itself until at least 20 episodes in,n and even still the original series had issues as well, especially the last four seasons which were at best average and at worst barely watchable only because of Larry Hagman.

The series' backed itself into this corner because it just couldn't and can't figure out whether it wants to be a revival of the original series or a brand-new reboot. Shockingly it's been one of the more successful reboots of old shows (with probably only Battlestar Galatica being bigger), but it's also a mixed bag. It could be better. With or without J.R.

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Re: 'Dallas' to be revived on TNT network

Furbush wrote:

Props to Axlin... He is one eloquent summabitch... Here's my stream of consciousness rant:

I’m really trying to stick with thissss…

I started watching the new Dallas… and the first season was good. The second season is starting to irritate me. First off… I completely forgot that it came out.

Moving on….

So, when I remembered  that Larry Hagman died mid season… I felt it would be interesting to see how they dealt with that, since JR is kinda integral to the whole thing….

So it starts off very similar to the first season… Ok, here we go…

Well… I just finished episode 5.… JR is still alive and kicking… But I swear to you if something doesn’t calm me down soon,  I won’t be sticking around to see how the guy meets his demise.

From this point forward, I’ll assume you have seen as far along as I have in the second season (2013)….

Random thoughts:

Hidden Text:

The past 2 episodes have played out like a late season episode of 24. “What the fuck kind of randomly convenient life threatening bullshit can we throw at them, just as it seems like they can breathe for a half a second…”
When the fuck did Cliff Barnes turn into a better JR than JR?
The kid that plays Christopher has turned Bobby Ewing’s son into a pussy whipped Batman sidekick.
The kid that plays John Ross can’t act his way out of a paper bag. When JR dies, who the fuck is he going to have to grin-stare at? That, and taking his shirt off are the only things he's good at.

Wait... I like this kid. Disregard...

Why the fuck is Sue Ellen running for anything. She’s a sketchy oil tycoons' Miss Texas ex wife, who has a long history of alcoholism and erratic extreme behavior.

Anne is always crying.. Or at least looks like she’s about to cry. Kill her off… She makes me pine for Victoria Principal. Seriously… stop crying…

Patrick Duffy needs to dry his hair a little more before applying all of that product. He looks gross. He’s like me at my 7th grade dance…. With all of those perm curls that are wet to look at, but dry and hard to the touch.

The scar between Pamela/Rebecca’s fucking eyebrows…. I can’t stop staring at it. Evn when she’s scantily clad.

Tony Almeda’s shitty fucking fake accent.

Oh, really? JR just vanishes again… except, now… JR pulls his shit from “The Shadows”?…. hmmmmm

Nope… never mind.

I’ve heard more “Emma…” in one episode than I ever imagined since MGS2. PS... Christ.. If they wanted another Lucy, and didn't want it to be obvious, maybe they shouldn't have cast some broad who looks just like Charlene Tilton 30 years ago.

Episodes 7-8...
There it is… Fuck. I just cried.

I’m done with this show now…

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Re: 'Dallas' to be revived on TNT network

Axlin16 wrote:

You might want to watch the series at least up to the series finale, because there's true closure to both the J.R. and Pamela characters.

But at that point I can see it as a jumping off point. Alot of fans have said they consider it to be a "true series finale" and will be jumping ship before Season 3 with the same complaints you, me and Tejas have made about the series.

I will stick with the show, out of loyalty (i've seen it FAR WORSE, Seasons 11, 13 & 14 anyone?), but had the series been put in more competant hands, it would've been FAR better.

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Re: 'Dallas' to be revived on TNT network

Axlin16 wrote:

So far three episodes have aired for Season 3, and believe it or not the show is better now than it was with JR. It might be too little, too late, however. The viewers have practically fled in droves post-J.R. The time the series had to be a great revival, mixed with modern flashes of Revenge & Nashville with the Ewings, has been lost.

Ironically they've churned out their best episodes of the series, because they are now trying to be their own thing, yet rebooting the show to feel more like the old show, all the way down to the three-pic title card intro returning this season. Going old school, has caused it to improve. Judith Light & Mitch Pilleggi are absolutely crazy together. Mama Ryland should at least get an Emmy-nod for playing such an absolutely bat shit crazy billionaire. Doing fucking lines in front of her son and the cartel was an LOL moment.

Show needs WAY WAY WAY more Cliff. Ironically Kercheval has turned into the most interesting character on the show, yet always talked about, and never used. It isn't like Ken Kercheval is beating down acting offers, and neither is Judith Light, and yet they've become such great villians. Yet they are not used enough. Probably the biggest downgrade.

The series ain't Breaking Bad in a cowboy hat, but it is better than most, and this has been the most consistent it's been up to this point.

The bad part? It's getting SLAYED in the ratings. It's in a horrible timeslot, Mondays at 9pm. The Voice on NBC, The Following on Fox, Mike & Molly on CBS, WWE RAW on USA, and specifically Bates Motel on A&E. Bates Motel has become the new "it" show, and is getting higher numbers this year than they were last year, and is getting double Dallas audience.

Dallas started out with nearly 7 million viewers with it's return premiere, and is now down to 1.9 million (not counting Live+ ). That's a lot of squandered viewers, and yet ironically they are now trying harder to write actual intriguing storylines that harken back to the glory days of the shows. Little arc's that make you come back each week.

Don't know how it will go, but i'm guessing they finish out he Spring 8 episodes, mid-season finale, come back with another 8 episodes in the Summer, and then get cancelled. It might be smart to set up the Summer finale as a potential series finale. However some have argued that TNT's viewership is down as a whole, and that holding on to a brand name, plus a deal with Netflix for the series (which has saw good viewership), TNT might hold on to it longer, despite the poor viewership, considering they don't trust their original programming beyond Rizzoli & Isles to perform much better.

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