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Re: Rumors building up regarding CDII release date...

slcpunk wrote:
buzzsaw wrote:
Naltav wrote:
buzzsaw wrote:

Sometimes I just have to call it like I see it.  It's not an argument when you don't even know what is going on around you.  Trust me, I saved you a lot of embarrassment.  Move on...

Thanks buzz, for saving me the embarrassment! It's very obvious to everyone that you held back "the big guns"...

When I go see GNR for two shows in Norway in a few weeks, I'll try to upload some videos for you, since you haven't seen the band perform yet. And you can live vicariously through me and tell me what the shows were like and how much it sucked even though the people who attended the shows thought it ROCKED!!

Maybe Noway's standards aren't very high.  I've seen the videos.  They are unimpressive.  I've also read the reports of lukewarm reaction to the new songs and people enjoying the old stuff, though I imagine you'll leave that out of your report.

Enjoy the shows.  Why exactly do you care what I think about it anyway?  Even if everybody else hates it, isn't all that matters that you enjoyed it? 

You keep throwing out the word "everyone" like everyone agrees with you.  I don't see people lining up to back you.  Even if some people did line up to back you, they certainly wouldn't be doing it because you made a good case.  You completely embarrassed yourself dude.  You can never win an argument with someone when your side of the argument is telling the other person that the experiences that they had didn't really happen and they imagined them.  You are fighting an impossible battle, yet you refuse to give up. 

Let me make this as simple as possible so you can go away: you are free to think whatever you want.  I know what I have experienced, so no matter what you think is true, you are never going to be able to change my mind on the issue. 

My factual experiences are going to trump your desired reality every day of the week.  Nothing you can say will EVER change that.  No amount of people that you can convince to support you will ever change that.  Like I said, maybe I am the luckiest son of a bitch when it came to attending concerts, but I know what happened at the shows I've been to, and the sample size isn't small.  Perhaps that is because I haven't gone and seen a lot of washed up bands or bands that are touring well past their prime.  Whatever the reason, the facts of what I have seen are the facts.  You cannot change them.

You lose.  Good day sir.

Anecdotal evidence does not trump anecdotal evidence....just sayin'.

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Re: Rumors building up regarding CDII release date...

buzzsaw wrote:
bigbri wrote:

What Journey tour did you see, buzz? Not looking to argue, just curious. I'm a huge JRNY fan.

I don't know - it was well after their prime.  I saw them in Milwaukee one summer about 10 years ago.  The singer did a pretty good Steve Perry impersonation though and they put on a very good show.  It was well worth going to.

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Re: Rumors building up regarding CDII release date...

buzzsaw wrote:
faldor wrote:
buzzsaw wrote:
Neemo wrote:

anyway i have seen some bands showcase new material and other bands not so much, its really is dependant on the artist even you cant say that every artist you saw showcased new material when they had very strong back catalogue of material as well...

a couple examples from my personal experiences

Stone Temple Pilots, 1996...7 songs of 24 promoting Tiny Music...

PanterA in 2001, 4 songs of 15 promoting Reinventing the steel

TooL in 2002, 8 songs of 12 Promoting Lateralus

Megadeth in 2006, 3 songs (plus a previously unreleased song) of 16 promoting The System Has Failed

The only acts that I can recall focusing more on their back catalog were washed up or had a huge catalog to choose from when I saw them.  Kiss, Journey, Chicago, and Aerosmith (and they even played a huge chunk off of Pump when I saw them on that tour, but played less of Nine Lives when I saw them the 2nd time) are the only ones I can think of off the top of my head.  The list is infinitely longer of bands I've seen feature their current album, including REM on the Monster tour when they already had a huge catalog.  I don't know what to tell you...that has been my experience. 

Matchbox Twenty played their entire 3rd album when I saw them and skipped some of the hits they had on the first album.  The whole album.  Most of the other bands that I have seen had smaller catalogs than Kiss, Aerosmith, and Chicago, so they certainly focused more on their new music.  I saw Shinedown years after that "45" song was out and they focused on their new music.  Crue played a lot of Dr Feelgood on that tour when I saw them.  Almost everybody I've seen played their new music a ton. 

Maybe I'm just not seeing the big time bands or I saw them before they were big time bands?  I admit that I haven't gone to a lot of concerts over the past few years, so maybe things have changed since my concert heyday.

I didn't go to my first concert until the late 1990's so I can't say for sure if things have changed.  But it would make sense.  Record sales are down the tubes and bands make money off of touring these days.  So really, what's the point of pushing and promoting an ALBUM?  Obviously back in the 80's and 90's it was a different story but in this day and age bands just don't make money off of album sales.  It's all about publishing and touring.  And most people want to hear the hits when they go to concerts so if a band is out touring and knowingly playing a majority of a new album and very few of the hits, that would probably hurt attendance numbers.

Again, don't know if that IS the case, but something to consider.

And I saw Journey tour with Def Leppard a few years back.  Obviously Steve Perry wasn't in the band, and it wasn't even the guy they have now who sounds just like him fronting the band.  It was singer #2.  He blew his voice out during the tour though so the next time I went to see them they had another guy, we'll call him singer #3.  The band still rocked though.  Neal Schon is a damn good guitar player.

I saw Journey with that guy too - he was good, but it was definitely the Neal Schon show and he delivered.  I was impressed with him - the records didn't do him justice.

You may be on to something.  The industry has certainly changed.  It's a very strong possibility.

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Re: Rumors building up regarding CDII release date...

Olorin wrote:

Hey Buzz regarding what you said earlier, I feel what your saying about wanting to see Axl before u die and its not just the vodka talkin. This could very well be the last substantial tour he embarks on, who knows what the future holds and he has proved that he can just call it off and walk away. Personally I think he is in a much happier place than he has been for a long long time and its probably not his swan song, but...u never know it could be.
Thats why I want to go to Reading, even if its gonna cost an arm and a leg and I have to pop my aeroplane cherry. He's not getting any younger and neither am I!!
Difference is I'm going hoping to be entertained and really dont care much for the setlist, and I dont have a scooby about the other bands playing setlists. I will attend and they will put on their show, as long as they all give 100% and make me feel part of something special, what songs they choose to play is immaterial, I will still have got my moneys worth if they put their heart and soul into whatever songs they choose to play.

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Re: Rumors building up regarding CDII release date...

bigbri wrote:
faldor wrote:
bigbri wrote:

Neal Schon is obscenely underrated.

Yeah I didn't even know who the guy was before I went to see Journey and I was in awe of how good he was that I quickly learned about him.  He was definitely the highlight in the band.  I've never heard it for myself, but I've heard Journey was quite different and rocked hard prior to Steve Perry joining the band.  Of course, Perry was their ticket to worldwide success.

Before Perry, they were very experimental. Lots of instrumental stuff. Jazz-fusiony stuff. Some of it is really good.

Sorry, way off topic.

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Re: Rumors building up regarding CDII release date...

RussTCB wrote:


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Re: Rumors building up regarding CDII release date...

Axlin16 wrote:

Yeah that "end of an era" comment really resonated with me too.

I don't think any of us ever thought the CD era would come to an end, because of band progress, and not abandonment. It just may be possible.

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Re: Rumors building up regarding CDII release date...

bucketfan wrote:

When CD came out I was convinced that we'd never hear from Axl again, unless he was going to release a new album (the former being far more likely I thought).

Now that they're touring, I'm convinced an album is imminent.  Why else would they tour?  It's not like Axl needs the money is it?

mickronson wrote:

I`d give my left testicle to see em perform TWAT, with axl on form AND Bucket

It ain't gonna happen dude.

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Re: Rumors building up regarding CDII release date...

faldor wrote:

I don't think Axl "needs" the money, but I'm sure he likes making more millions.  He certainly seems to be enjoying himself for the time being.  No real rants at any shows to speak of.  Of course, maybe he just lets his steam off through twitter these day.  Oh, how things have changed.

I still don't see them dropping an album mid-tour, just seems too good to be true.

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Re: Rumors building up regarding CDII release date...

Scabbie wrote:

Well they've engaged a manager and they're definitely making more of an effort to promote the band. They're definitely becoming more 'open'.

If he has an album worth releasing, the next few months would be a great time to put it out. No one expects it and it would certainly kill off some of the delay criticisms. But you can bet one thing - If Axl goes with it, its going to be promoted a lot more than Chinese Democracy was.

Is he really in NY to discuss an album though? It could equally be tour discussions, do you not think? Especially if they have been w/out manager Axl could have been doing some of the 'business' himself.

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