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Re: Axl Rose Suing Activision / Guitar Hero

faldor wrote:

Activision is up to their old tricks again it seems. … activision

Adam Levine Sues Activision
By Paul Cashmere

Activision, manufacturers of ‘Band Hero’, have copped a nice big legal suit from Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine.

Maroon 5’s ‘She Will Be Loved’ is featured in the latest game and Levine’s likeness is used with his permission.

However, Levine is pissed off that the company is also allowing users to use his imagine and avatar to sing over 60 other songs in the game, including songs by female artists.

Levine argues that he does not want his image used with songs that he would never be associated with.

The suit is for “fraudulent inducement, breach of contract, violation of the common law right of publicity and unfair business acts or practices”.

Levine has not specified what he is suing Activision for.

Activision have been previously sued by No Doubt and Nirvana for a similar thing.

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Re: Axl Rose Suing Activision / Guitar Hero

Axlin16 wrote:

How boring. I mean seriously, this friggin' egotistical guys need to get over it.

When the lead singer of Maroon 5 sues, because their image is insulted performing your song - you must REALLLLLYYY SUCK.

Seriously, if you don't want your image used to sing other's songs - don't fuckin' lend your likeness to the damn games. It's almost a given Adam Levine is gonna have his likeness singing Demi Lovato songs.

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Re: Axl Rose Suing Activision / Guitar Hero

DCK wrote:

Yeah, seriously. Just get the fuck over it and move on.

Regarding copyrights, I sent out two e-mails two days ago, stating the exact same question. I got two very different answers back.

This was in regard about asking to use pictures by other amateur photographers in my english version book. For the usage. they would get the book for free at sales price 350 NOK. (a fucking lot)

One was an absolute asshole. I had stated I would give him a copyright notice in the book for the usage, but wrote "source" in the mail and not "copyright". The dude gave me SPECIFIC details to how he wanted his copyright note under each picture written. Then he proceeded to negotiate ANOTHER book for free given to the guy who SCANNED his pictures into his PC. Jesus what a nerve! I said "thanks, but no thanks". And all this for pictures which are quite worthless...

The same day I got another e-mail which said

"Sure, I have the book already and I love it. Which pics do you want?"

Yeah, it can be done that easy if you're not an asshole.

I don't know, this bullshit just reminded me that some people just needs to get over themselves.

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Re: Axl Rose Suing Activision / Guitar Hero

Axlin16 wrote:

Nice story. Agreed. I know a radio show host (you guys probably can figure it out from Twitter and my posts, lol), that is fucking clueless how copyrights work and is on constant tirades about his material being "pirated".

The thing is, he's such an egotistical, tyrannical asshole over trying to keep his material exclusive to his website, that even major outlets, who have tried to sample his comedy to promote him, he's put a stop to it (come to my website!) He's so stupid, that he actually tells major outlet people, including his own boss/syndicator, to BUY a backstage pass from his website, in order to access his files. He goes on acting gigs in Hollywood, and when they ask "what have you done", he tells them to buy a subscription to his website to find out.

The world just DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY. And you cannot tell this dumbass this.

Because of his attitude, he's actually shot his own self in the foot, because he's lost promotional chances, lost a chance to be on Howard Stern's satellite channel (which means more website revenue for the exposure), and even has lost chances to drive people to his website, because he removes EVERYTHING about him from YouTube.

Guess what then happens? No one knows how to FIND his website, because they can't remember his name, because he erases every aspect of his name from the internet, other than his website, including threatening lawsuits against his own fans, and shutting down fan sites.

The dude is just an idiot. And when you try to explain his crucial mistakes to him, he flips out, we're wrong, he knows everything.


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Re: Axl Rose Suing Activision / Guitar Hero

RussTCB wrote:


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Re: Axl Rose Suing Activision / Guitar Hero

misterID wrote:

^^ I think they did have it in their agreements.

I thought guitar hero was going belly up?

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Re: Axl Rose Suing Activision / Guitar Hero

Axlin16 wrote:

It has. It's done. Cooked.

Doesn't stop people from filing lawsuits against Activision. I think Levine is specifically suing Band Hero, but I think all of Activision's WAY WAY WAY over-saturated "Hero" titles, are now all finished w/ no future in sight.

Although it wasn't official, I think Harmonix also shit-canned Rock Band. Rock Band 3 was a nice seller, but was a huge disappointment. So was "Green Day: Rock Band".

It's a shame really. I really liked 'band specific' titles (other than Green Day). I heard GN'R was the next Rock Band they were considering, and KISS was the next Guitar Hero they were considering. I think KISS said they were considering hiring their own game maker, and releasing it independently.

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