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Re: Most Recent Movie You've Seen

misterID wrote:

You Were Never Really Here

Pretty damn good stuff. It wasn't as violent as I thought it would be. The director is really great, really trippy storytelling. I kind of wish Eastwood was starring, it would have been a lot more interesting to see an old man in this role. The story is very 70s, dark, violent, gritty and a bit hallucinogenic.

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Re: Most Recent Movie You've Seen

James wrote:

Wrong Turn remake - It's great. It's what the original Wrong Turn should've been.  They dumped the cheesy villains for something more realistic.

Quiz Show - Amazing. Hadn't watched this in eons. Perfect casting. Turturro should've won an Oscar.

One Hour Photo - One of my favorite Robin Williams movies. He probably deserved an award for this performance but the film itself does have some flaws...the biggest being the lack of genuine motivation to be obsessed with this specific family. It also feels like it may have had a rewrite during filming. They don't know who to have Williams' character focus on. It had the potential to take a very dark turn by having him focus on the boy. Just when it appears this may happen, he aims his attention towards the mom/wife. When everything starts unraveling, his rage/envy is aimed towards the father/husband.

I found his actions towards him and his mistress at the hotel to be unrealistic. It's not what one of these types would do in that situation.

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Re: Most Recent Movie You've Seen

slashsfro wrote:

Jeepers Creepers— not half bad.  Watchable and at times pretty exciting/ scary but the plot needed work and really holds this film back.  It’s fine as a B level horror film, though it could have been more.

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