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Re: One in a Million

Sky Dog wrote:

One word....ferocious. Axl's best studio vocal ever....maybe the one song that epitomizes the old band the best. On one hand disgusting and polarizing, on the other hand ballsy, on the other hand a perfect rock track. Great electric rhythm by Izzy, insane vocals, tasty acoustic solo by Slash, perfect acoustic rhythm by Duff, ended with some simple tinkling of the piano. Fuck me.....:mosh:

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Re: One in a Million

jamester wrote:

Guns N' Roses - One In A Million (The Limelight NYC 1988)

02CBUCK  |   July 09, 2007  |  105 likes, 9 dislikes

Guns N' Roses live at The Limelight in New York on the 31st January 1988. A rare acoustic/electric set, with Welcome To The Jungle starting the electric section. This show also features the only known live performance of "Cornshucker", a song originally written by Duff, and here sang by him and Axl.

Axl temporarily left the stage after "Patience" annoyed by the fact that GN'R were not actually supposed to play this show, but returns to help out a roadie who had been screeching his way through Led Zeppelin's "You Shook Me", and "Rock & Roll". His absence led to 2 instrumental jams, and an instrumental version of "Rocket Queen"

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Re: One in a Million

tejastech08 wrote:

One of their greatest songs, despite the shitty lyrics.

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Re: One in a Million

Axlin16 wrote:

Yeah I never thought it was the shining achievement alot of the diehard fans make out. Lyrics are cliche, even if ballsy (ever heard of David Allen Coe?).

Instrumentally the song could've been quite a memorable song, maybe as popular as the other acoustic songs on GN'R Lies, but unfortunately it was memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Re: One in a Million

johndivney wrote:

great tune, great lyrics, great song. great guitar, great solo, great vocal.

one of the songs that really captured the potential of the AFD line-up as a rock n roll band, as opposed to the poppier stuff like SCOM/PC/RQ/Jungle.
one thing that bums me out is that they didn't produce more killer acoustic stuff like this when it was just the 5 guys (n their immediate scuzzbucket buddies) living in each others pockets. this direction is where a lot of potential was squandered.

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Re: One in a Million

ll_tj1 wrote:

I love this song, lyrics, sound, feel, the whole thing, its great. For those offended by the lyrics....chill out. Theres a whole lot worse out there than this. White people bashing blacks, blacks bashing latinos, latinos bashing blacks, white bashing white, bla bla bla...its a cliiche song, written from the view of a kid from Indiana that got dropped off in a scene he was unfamaliar with. Great song, and the fact that they recorded Lies, minus the old Hollywood Rose/GNR  songs in one day is remarkable.

NY Giants82
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Re: One in a Million

NY Giants82 wrote:

Great, great song all around. One of my favorites.

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