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Re: Fantasy Wrestling II

AtariLegend wrote:

For any GNR Evolution members interested in taking part in the next WWE Game; this is the thread to sign up. The game will start at the end of the month at Wrestlemaina XV and will continue till SummerSlam.

The idea of the game is to pick five wrestlers who you think will win a lot of matches and be involved in top TV storylines for the duration of the game. The participant who has acquired the most points will win the game.


Wrestlemaina XV (05-04-09) <Start Date>
Backlash (26-04-09)
Judgement Day (17-05-09)
Extreme Rules (07-06-09)
The Bash (28-06-09)
Night Of Champions (26-07-09)
SummerSlam (23-08-09) <End Date>

Team Game: <New>

This time around a second list of scores will also be kept. The number of drafts made will be the same 5 per a person. What the team game essentially means, is two people will be paired together and their points total points combined, the team with the most points wins.

{Note: If someone doesn't have a partner, they will not be eligible for these rankings.}

The closing date for participants signing up will be March 16th <Dependant on Level Of Participation>.

The Rules: (Currently Under Construction)

Drafting Rules:

The Start-Up:

Posters who wish to participate after the drafting begins, will be asked to wait until the next game takes place. (It would be too much trouble and besides they'd likely be at a great disadvantage)

The drafting order will be random-ized by a 3rd party, who is not participating in the game.

The Basics:

Participants will draft in the organized order from first till last (E.g 1-5), the last participant will draft twice, at which point drafting will continue from last till first (E.g 5-1), this time with the first participant drafting twice, when the reverse order has finished, it will begin again in proper organized order (E.g 1-5), this process will continue till all participants have drafted in total of 5 times each.

All drafting will have a 24hr time limit (Depending on number of participants), if a poster fails to make their draft within the period, then they will have to wait until their next turn to make their draft along with their "Present Turn" draft. Failure to make a draft within the time period on 3 occasions will result in expulsion from the game & possibly future games (If you aren't really interested, then don't sign it up, it's simple smile).v (Note: If a participant doesn't feel they can make it during the time frame, then they may send me a list of preferred picks and I will make their draft for them when the time comes)

Who Can You Draft...?

Both active & inactive wrestlers under WWE contracts who are listed in this games Roster list. Although there will be a limited list of Legends and former WWE wrestlers in the non-wrestling lists, a participant cannot draft a wrestler from a rival promotion (TNA, ROH, WEW, ect.... or celebrity or anyone else, until they are under contract. (Even if a wrestler is rumoured to be returning or making their debut, if they are not on the roster list, they cannot be drafted)


Maximum of (5) Trades All Game

Points Awarded For: (Currently Under Construction)

+4 Points For Win Via Submission/Pin/TKO/Countout/Ref Stoppage
+2 Points For Win Via DQ or Win via Forfeit
+1 Point For Draw or No Contest
+6 Points For Win in a Gimmick Match

+1 Point For Every Extra Person They Compete Against
+2 Points For Every Person They Eliminate (Pin or Submission only)
+1 Point For Every Person They Eliminate In An Over The Top Battle Royal (Royal Rumble Not Included)
+5 Points In The Main Event

{Note: If the bell doesn't ring, then it does not count as a match, even if one was originally scheduled. Non-Wrestling competitions do not count as matches, i.e Arm Wrestling, Bikini Contests ect..}

Double Points On TV Specials + PPVs
Triple Points At Wrestlemaina

+40 Money In The Bank Ladder Match (X Points N/A)
+50 Royale Rumble (+2 Points For Every Person They Eliminate, X Points N/A)
+10 Tournament

+12 WWE Title/Champion or ECW Title Win (6 Points For Successful Defending)
+8 Intercontinental/US/WWE Tag Team (World + WWE) Championships Win (4 Points For Defending)
+4 Womens/Diva/Cruiserweight Win (2 Points For Successful Defending)

{Note: Main Event Points Do Apply After Dq Win. No Contest Matches Always Result In 1 Point Being Awarded Per A Participant, Regardless Of Circumstances i.e PPV, However A Draw On PPV Will Result In X Points}

*All rules subject to change or adjustment in the event of any unforeseen or unprecedented circumstances.



Beth Phoenix, Candice, Charlie Haas, Chris Jericho, C.M. Punk (Intercontinental Champion), Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler, Goldust, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Jamie Noble, JBL, Jillian, John Cena, JTG, Kane, Kelly Kelly, Kofi Kingston, Layla, Melina (Womens Champion), Mickie James, Mike Knox,  Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio, Rosa Mendes, Santino Marella, Shad, Shawn Michaels, Sim Snuka, Ted DiBiase Jr., William Regal


Batista, Jerry Lawler, Lilian Garcia, Linda McMahon, Michael Cole,
Mr. McMahon, Ric Flair, Stone Cold, Shane McMahon, Stephanie McMahon


Alicia Fox, Christian, DJ Gabriel, Evan Bourne, Finlay, Jack Swagger (ECW Champion), John Morrison (World Tag Team Champion), Katie Lea Burchil, Mark Henry, Matt Striker, Paul Burchill, Ricky Ortiz, The Miz (World Tag Team Champion), Tiffany, Tommy Dreamer, Tyson Kidd


Hornswoggle (Cruiser Weight Champion), Theodore Long, Todd Grisham, Tony Atlas, Tony Chimel


Big Show, Brie Bella, Carlito (WWE Tag Team Champion), Chavo Guerrero, Curt Hawkins, DH Smith, Edge (World Heavyweight Champion), Eve, Festus, Hurricane Helms, Jeff Hardy, Jesse, Jimmy Wang Yang, Kung Fu Naki, Maria, Maryse (Divas Champion), Matt Hardy, Michelle McCool, Montel Vontavious Porter, Mr. Kennedy, Natalya, Nikki Bella, Primo (WWE Tag Team Champion), R-Truth, Shelton Benjamin (United States Champion), The Brian Kendrick, The Great Khali, Triple H (WWE Champion), Undertaker, Vladimir Kozlov, Zack Ryder


Ezekiel Jackson, Jim Ross, Justin Roberts, Ranjin Singh, Tazz, Umaga, Vickie Guerrero




Last Updated: 13/06/09 <11.13> GMT

Current Participants:

                                         2008 Intentions
                                      Axl Schwarzenegger
                                        Communist China
                                           James Lofton


Team 1; AtariLegend & James Lofton

Team 2; Communist China & BLS-Pride

Team 3; Rex & Slashfro

Team 4; Axl Schwarzenegger & 2008 Intentions

Axl S
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Re: Fantasy Wrestling II

Axl S wrote:

I'm game. Wouldn't it make more sense to start after the WWE draft that happens after 8 days after Mania?

 Rep: 3 

Re: Fantasy Wrestling II

GrizzDotCom wrote:

OVW's no longer a branch of WWE is it?  I thought it was FCW they now associated themselves with.

 Rep: 664 

Re: Fantasy Wrestling II

James wrote:

Sign me up.

 Rep: 212 

Re: Fantasy Wrestling II

BLS-Pride wrote:

Round 2?

 Rep: 231 

Re: Fantasy Wrestling II

-D- wrote:

Why not

2008 Intentions
 Rep: 6 

Re: Fantasy Wrestling II

I want

Re: Fantasy Wrestling II

AtariLegend wrote:
-D- wrote:

Why not

Are you the HTGTH or MYGNR "D"?

Axl S wrote:

I'm game. Wouldn't it make more sense to start after the WWE draft that happens after 8 days after Mania?

Technically yeah, but we'd miss the excitement of starting on the biggest date of the year.

GrizzDotCom wrote:

OVW's no longer a branch of WWE is it?  I thought it was FCW they now associated themselves with.

You're right, but they were when we started the last game.

2008 Intentions wrote:

I want


BLS-Pride wrote:

Round 2?

Still want a recount...?

Axl S
 Rep: 112 

Re: Fantasy Wrestling II

Axl S wrote:

So are we drafting at before Mania?

 Rep: 53 

Re: Fantasy Wrestling II

slashsfro wrote:

Count me in.

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