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Re: Joseph Bruce on Slash and Axl

Axlin16 wrote:

ICP... God that takes me back.

I remember when all of these degenerate outcasts, but not like the burnouts, like the fucking geeks that suddenly went goth... L-O-V-E-D those guys.

I remember 99.999999999% of the world hating those fuckers. I remember even hating them when they started doing shit with the WWF.

Biggest posers in history. Manson fans are right up there with them.

Re: Joseph Bruce on Slash and Axl

AtariLegend wrote:

I wonder what would have happened if Axl said those things about Slash...

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Re: Joseph Bruce on Slash and Axl

RussTCB wrote:


Re: Joseph Bruce on Slash and Axl

Slash played on Halls of Illusions, if anyone wonders.

That's what the whole thing is about.

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Re: Joseph Bruce on Slash and Axl

BLS-Pride wrote:

"Damn right slim anus, I don't get fucked in mine like you two little flaming faggots"

Not meant to offend.

Hate them and their fans. Interesting how much shit this guy said Slash was talking. And how he kept calling them? Pretty strange behavior.

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Re: Joseph Bruce on Slash and Axl

apex-twin wrote:

The one thing that seemingly lends credence to the whole story is this:

"I wrote a whole fucking album about Axl Rose, and he never even knew it."

That's Slash's Snakepit - It's Five O'Clock Somewhere. I seriously doubt the ICP boys would've heard it anywhere else, as Slash himself only admitted to the fact in his autobiography. Anyway, the timelines seem to match in the sense that the Great Milenko was completed in late January '97, meaning Slash would've fairly recently exited Guns during the recording. He himself has said to have been in a melancholic state of mind at that point.

If true, it would've been Slash desperately trying to cope with his breakup with Axl, looking into every other possibility of a band, collaboration, etc. The Guns safety net now gone from him, at some level he might've wanted to have kept busy in order not to lose himself to drugs and alcohol completely. So I wouldn't rule that one out altogether.

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