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Re: Creed Discussion

strat0 wrote:

So has anyone gave it a listen yet? I rather like it. Then again I'm a Creed fan.
I like how scott allowed Tremonti to do some backup vocals and play more solos. Kinda shows he's not as much of a dictator as he was before they broke up.

Other opinions?

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Re: Creed Discussion

Axlin16 wrote:

Been listening to this one alot lately...

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Re: Creed Discussion

Axlin16 wrote:

There was a post I made (I think some sort of Alter Bridge thread in the Snakepit section) awhile back, and it's somewhere around.

Anyways basically I told the story, that i've told many times about hating Creed when they were popular, and BOY did I. I still think today that their casual fans then and their diehard fans today are just intolarable. Not really rock fans, and all seem to be 'vocalist' fans and focus on Scott Stapp. It seems kinda mean, but when I hear ANYONE talk about Scott Stapp has being a "great lyricist" I want to puke. Listen he's not awful, but let's not oversell a 3-minute melodic-grunge song, built for radio, okay? That's all.

Anyways, not that I would attend their "free" shows anytime soon, or hang out with their douchetastic fans, but I really re-explored/examined Creed's back catalog again awhile back, and I liked enough of what I heard now that I was disconnected from high school (and the asshole jock Creed scene) that Creed did for a time become a bit of a guilty pleasure. Which is nothing more than they'll ever be for me -- a quiet, secretive guilty pleasure, but enjoyable music is still enjoyable music, even when it's played in your car stereo with the windows up, and the doors locked.

I found a handful of songs from their first three albums during their heyday that actually aren't that bad, with Weathered (their most troubled production), having the strongest songs. Their first album is still incredibly 'bleh', with the exception of the intended singles and the song "Sister".

But one of the things that completely turned me around on them and impressed me was their 2009 reunion album, "Full Circle" which this thread was created by long-gone, but loved poster 'strat0'. Full Circle was an album I immediately dismissed because, "who the freaking hell cares about a Creed reunion album... jesus God spare us".

Unfortunately the debut single "Overcome" didn't help as it was pure classic Creed.

But the rest of the album was where the tide started to shift, immediately with "Bread of Shame". The second song has HUGE riffs and immediately sets a darker, Alter Bridge-themed album. Almost a maturer Creed, targeted to the edgier post-grunge sound loved by today's numerous rock radio artists. In fairness to Creed they were really the first on the scene to do it, and the attitude is almost "we're coming back to show you kids how this is done". And in fairness, even from a hater I paid them that respect. And "Bread of Shame" brought it in a heavier rocker I haven't heard from Creed that flowed well, unless the crap poser attitude in the past like "Bullets" and shit jock posteuring.

The next few tracks are ballads, and the typical fare, but all of them make a mark and seem to be a bit more memorable than the norm. They shouldn't blend together to the ear, although you keep thinking they will knowing Creed, they never do. They're all their own song.

"Fear" then comes along and immediately kicks off with heavier riffage where you know you're getting a different Creed. Seems to have an edgier vibe, but with traditional chorus and melodies. At times you're kinda shocked your listening to Creed, expecting to find out a much more capable and modern rock artist is performing the song.

The next song... WHOA. "On My Sleeve" is just fucking GOOD. Sure it's radio radio modern rock, but something about it just -- right. Everything about it. Like with "Fear" before it, you're kinda shocked you're listening to Creed. Seems heavier, more properly produced melodically, catching, and just a moving ballad that deserved to be a FAR bigger hit and far more popular than it was.

The next song is "Full Circle" which is catchy and a bit of a laid back moment, then on to "Time" which I posted above. Quite possibly, "Time" is the song of the album. Creed deserves MAJOR props here. "Time" is just a well done, solid ballad that they made and as far as i'm concerned smokes anything any of them, AB included, have done since 2001.

"Good Fight", the next to last song on the album also has an edgier feel for Creed, and is another laid back moment, but is really the first B-side moment. The song is good, just not great and never really pulls you in other than an appetizer for the album closer.

"The Song You Sing" is an ironic album closer, and is kinda Creed's light hearted fuck you to the haters, of which at this point in the album you can't blame them. "Does the Song You Sing inspire us to sing?" is really the question, and when you think about it exactly what every artist and music fan should ask themselves.

At the end of the day, does it inspire you? Do you want to sing along? Does it move you? And if the answer is yes to any of those questions... that's all that matters. It doesn't matter if it's Creed. It doesn't matter if it's Justin Bieber. It doesn't matter if it's you yourself. You can go around hating on whatever artist YOU choose to hate on, but when you have good music and you hate it, because there's some perception that "it's not cool enough". You only cheat yourself and miss the moment and instead of building love and joy in your heart and soul in that 4 minutes of music, you create disdain for others opinions on what you should like, and you destroyed whatever message was meant in your life at that moment...

That alone shows how far Creed has came as people first, and the band and the music next.

And ultimately the point of the album...


I highly recommend it, the entire album is an unskippable listener from start to finish, and "for what it is" it's one of the best albums of the post grunge genre, underappreciated, and had it been released in Creed's heyday, every song would've probably been a single.

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Re: Creed Discussion

Axlin16 wrote:

1. Overcome


2. Bread of Shame

3. A Thousand Faces


4. Suddenly

5. Rain


6. Away In Silence


7. Fear


8. On My Sleeve


9. Full Circle


10. Time


11. Good Fight


12. The Song You Sing


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Re: Creed Discussion

Axlin16 wrote:

Full album above. Check it out. For post grunge fans, probably a "lost gem". Their back catalog could still probably be condensed down to a "greatest hits", but this is their first 'album' imo, and with their young age, considering this more mature Creed, they could have years of good music and good productivity left in them.

I like this Creed. The old Creed, just based on attitude and fans alone... leave it in the past man.

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Re: Creed Discussion

metallex78 wrote:

I listened to samples on iTunes and was unimpressed, but I'll give these another chance.

I really liked the Weathered album, but I'm far more an Alter Bridge fan than Creed, and can't really tolerate Scott Stapp.

I almost think that Creed should end so Mark can fully commit to Alter Bridge, and I'm loving them at the moment.

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Re: Creed Discussion

Axlin16 wrote:

I can understand that, which is what irks me that Mark leaves his absolutely stellar guitar work for Alter Bridge.

I think it's very obvious that Creed is Scott's baby, and even Mark and the rest it might be a "first love + pay day" situiation, I just don't know.

There are several songs on this album that are ACHING for a guitar solo, yet they go for a repeat of Scott's choruses. I'm not sure if that's a Creed-policy, or a post-grunge policy.

I haven't ever heard a post grunge song with heavy guitar soloing. Maybe it's a genre thing. Even in grunge, Kim Thayil & Mike McCready were really the only big guitar gods in the scene.

As for Alter Bridge, I have the opposite opinion of you guys. I obviously have strong opinions of Myles, but at the same time AB is a strong band that I thought was never better than their debut. I think they've gotten slowly weaker with each output, while most AB fans think they are getting strong. Myles work is weaker, but Tremonti's guitar work advances with each output and he shows mad skillz. It's a shame he uses all that material in AB, and not also in Creed. Like I said, it leaves you perplexed who's stopping him, himself, Stapp or the actual label and what they have to deliver.

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Re: Creed Discussion

RussTCB wrote:


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