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Re: Scott Weiland: "I’m not a difficult frontman"

mickronson wrote:

Rod Jackson was a druggy as well.  As for Scott, I found him a boring frontman, below average singer and same again for lyrics.  As for VR, I dont think they exist anymore.

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Re: Scott Weiland: "I’m not a difficult frontman"

Axlin16 wrote:
russtcb wrote:
Axlin08 wrote:

Wow... Weiland believes Axl now.

That is so classic.

It's like when Dave & Sammy toured together and both had similar stories about the brothers VH sucking.

Didn't think about that, but you're right. Maybe Axl can get STP to open for GN'R one day, like others have mentioned.

That Dave/Sammy tour was just bizarre/surreal to see those two on stage. It just didn't mesh imo. It was just like it was in VH. Dave had all this stage prescence with weak vocals, and Sammy had all the vocal abilities with little stage prescence.

Instead of the two of them highlighting their pros, it seemed to expose their cons even more as performers.


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