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Re: Slash Sahara Japan 5" CD SINGLE


Thanks for posting, Mikkamakka!

Axl S
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Re: Slash Sahara Japan 5" CD SINGLE

Axl S wrote:

I liked Sahara, nothing amazing but was a good tune. The Paradise City cover on the other hand.....

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Re: Slash Sahara Japan 5" CD SINGLE

elmir wrote:

slash's guitar work in Paradise City is alright...he did a good job...different but still the same at the same time...

vocals are shocking feels unfinished...

however, all the people who are flocking to Black Eyed Peas shows worldwide currently would go bananas for that shit.

Re: Slash Sahara Japan 5" CD SINGLE

I agree that there's nothing wrong with Slash's playing. Fergie sounds alright too.

It's the complete picture that bothers me. How they've made Paradise City flatout suck.

But I don't like to dwell and focus on the "bad" aspects. I'd rather listen to the Japanese track while looking forward to the finished record.

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Re: Slash Sahara Japan 5" CD SINGLE

buzzsaw wrote:

Sahara was pretty good...couldn't understand a word the guy was singing, so I hope that was the Japanese version and not an English version (if there is one).

Paradise City sucked on the surface, but there were times that Fergie actually sounded a little like Axl.  I prefer her in the studio to live, and this cover shows why.  I think had he lost Cyprus Hill and had Fergie sing it a little more uptempo, it could have been pretty good actually.  This also shows you how good Axl really was back in the day...nobody (male or female) can really imitate Axl in the studio.  He may not have always been on, but when he was, it was unbelievably good.

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Re: Slash Sahara Japan 5" CD SINGLE

Olorin wrote:

Paradise City was fucking awful, how can he rape one of his old bands classics like that? I hope he gets a bit of a backlash over it, people fall over themselves to knock Axl for playing with new guys, well Slash certainly deserves a lot of stick for that attrocity.

I didnt really like the other song, it was ok, I dont really get a great urge to hear it again. Slash sounded ok but I wasnt keen on the singing, I'd still be interested in hearing the english version though. Snakepit was the first thing that popped in my head after the first few notes, I can easily imagine one of the old singers in place of that guy.

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Re: Slash Sahara Japan 5" CD SINGLE

TheMole wrote:

Oh boy, I'm going to get some flack for this, but... I really liked that paradise city cover. The dropped tempo doesn't really bother me, the beats are done well, and I absoltely love Fergie's voice.
At the very least I have to say it's miles and miles better than that rap cover that came out back in the mid nineties with the 80's hair metal singer doing the chorus... can't find it on youtube, but that's probably a good thing smile. Anyone remember that one?

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Re: Slash Sahara Japan 5" CD SINGLE

Rex wrote:

Wow I'm really groovin to Paradise City.

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Re: Slash Sahara Japan 5" CD SINGLE

Intercourse wrote:

It’s not that bad, I just think the original was so good its a case of 'don't fix what isn't broken'.

If I'd never heard it before abnd it was released by the BEPs and Slash I'd probably like it alot more.

I guess the guy may have sat back and considered Axl's point that he's not open to change. Maybe this is as 'out there' as Slash can be.

The guy needs a manager who can properly mix his old school legend with some new blood to bring out the best in him. I guess with the BEPs just off the top of a WW No. 1 his 'people' probably felt that the Slash 'brand' will benefit from this kind of thing.


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Re: Slash Sahara Japan 5" CD SINGLE

metallex78 wrote:

Paradise City wasn't too bad, it's a different take on the old track, when I thought it would be closer to the original. Still, it wasn't really necessary, was it?

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