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Re: World Tour Cancelled?

Sky Dog wrote:

too funny.....

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Re: World Tour Cancelled?

Scabbie wrote:

The hacker should have added:

'dates have been cancelled as 'Chinese Democracy 2' is being released at the end of September'!

Seriously, I'm glad its a hoax as I'll be at Reading!

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Re: World Tour Cancelled?

Naltav wrote:
James Lofton wrote:
Naltav wrote:

Ofcourse not, then it wouldn't be a story....

Legitimate news organizations shouldn't have to google fan forums looking for administrators who have email addresses of housekeepers.

They're going with what legitimate information they have(a tweet on Axl's official page, which hadn't been updated in a coon's age until yesterday).

Kinda agree with you on that...

They shouldn't, but they could. They could also mention the tweets from the official GNR-twitter.

They could also keep in mind that fake tweets from official twitter accounts is not that uncommon.

But it is overdue with a real solid official explanation on the status quo.

I don't have tickets for any of the upcoming shows, but if I did I would be a bit nervous until a real official statement.

But until then, the armageddon-posts from many in this thread is way over the top tin-foil-hat-conspiracy-driven!

At the end of the day, it's in fact just a band. The sun will rise again tomorrow either way...

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Re: World Tour Cancelled?

Naltav wrote:
Olorin wrote:

So its on now, hooray.

Now where were we...oh aye, that fuckin setlist!


Post of the day!!!!

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Re: World Tour Cancelled?

DCK wrote:

Imagine..The Sun is actually posting something more down to Earth than some of the members of this board are putting out as theories 13

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Re: World Tour Cancelled?

gnfnraxl wrote:

Not to be an asshole but GNR were on tour?

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Re: World Tour Cancelled?

RussTCB wrote:


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Re: World Tour Cancelled?

Naltav wrote:
russtcb wrote:

So here we are. A day has passed and still no one in the entire bands organization can clarify.


"Festival Republic are informed by GN'R management that Guns N' Roses have NOT canceled their performances at Reading & Leeds and that Axl Rose's Twitter account was hacked into and all claims of dates being cancelled are unfounded," said a Festival Republic statement today


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Re: World Tour Cancelled?

war wrote:

stupid mexican leaf blowers

(im mexican and this is not intended to be a racist statement)

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