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Re: Guns N' Roses Live From Rock In Rio

slashsfro wrote:
Gagarin wrote:

get to rehearsal. or do karaoke in the living room.

This.  I still don't know how he can sound that bad on some of the songs.  It's not like they tour a lot and he has to expend a bunch of energy.

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Re: Guns N' Roses Live From Rock In Rio

Gibbo wrote:

pretty bad when youve been singing a song for over 20 years and you forget the words myles know the words to axls songs better then him a reuniten is gonna change anything axls had his day just saying

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Re: Guns N' Roses Live From Rock In Rio

-Jack- wrote:

No new songs, don't care tbh. Estranged was icing on a boring cake.

Re: Guns N' Roses Live From Rock In Rio

johndivney wrote:
Bono wrote:
johndivney wrote:
faldor wrote:

It was damn near a disaster of a performance to be honest

fuck, is that all?!
these people are acting like it's the fucking end-game

we've been here before countless times. it's just one bad gig in a litany of bad gigs & missteps.

I think you're missing the point dude. This was the biggest stage in the world with a real opportunity to say "here we are WE ARE GUNS N' ROSES" this could've easily been a relaunch into somehting real for this band. This is the most stable the lineup has ever been since the old band broke up but tonight will in all likelyhood just make people want the renuion even more and for the diehards it's making them question what is   even the point of this.

there have been plenty of nights like this these past 10 years. plenty of opportunities to relaunch. RiR is not the be-all & end-all.

i do understand the questioning of his passion, intensity & what it all ultimately means for the future of the band.

what i don't really get is how it's that much different to the faux-pas & mistakes of the past. just because RiR is a slightly bigger gig than usual isn't reason, imo, to suddenly start asking these questions: the problems have long since been there & RiR seems to be just another example, continuation of them, rather than the end-point.

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Re: Guns N' Roses Live From Rock In Rio

Naltav wrote:

Damn! I had to get to work so I missed the whole thing! And Estranged!

Can't wait to get home and watch it. Or maybe I'll wait for the HDTV-rip....

Was the rest of the show really that bad or was the sound "lost in the stream"?

Catched a bit of System Of A Down earlier and all I heard was vocals and guitars with some low drums way in the back.

Anyway, a bad show at the start of a tour is nothing new when it comes to Axl. Shouldn't be that way, but at least he's consistant!

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Re: Guns N' Roses Live From Rock In Rio

slashsfro wrote:
tejastech08 wrote:
Bono wrote:

the big question is where was James Lofton tonight?  haha

I hope he gets a chance to watch it. He'll laugh his ass off. 16

FWIW, the infamous 2006 Inland Invasion show was still on youtube a few months ago when I checked.  I only listened to a few songs but they sounded horrible on that show.

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Re: Guns N' Roses Live From Rock In Rio

Aussie wrote:

The show was a real mixed bag.  Some highlights plus also some real low lights.

Dunno why Axl was looking so rancid with fucking the lyrics up etc.  Personally  that doesn't bother me, it shows he's human.  That said he did it a few too many times though, a bit unprofessional.

As for the sound I can't tell if it was the feed or something technical.  But fuck me, if you never turn up to rehearsal or sound check then WTF do you expect.

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Re: Guns N' Roses Live From Rock In Rio

jimmythegent wrote:
Bono wrote:

Ok I'm gonna rant!

Fucking Man up Axl!!! You've got a wicked  crowd, you're on the biggest stage in the world and you're about to act like a little bitch.

Power through it. Rise up to the occasion. You're the one who's fogetting all the lyrics, your'e the one who is more conerned about wardrobe changes than the songs. Your'e the one who doesn't do soundcheck or rehersals.  C'MON!!!

THIS along with sketchy vocals, people is why Axl Rose is NOT the best performer in the world in 2011. he simply is not.

He's pretty good but he's not the best anymore.

very dissapointing to hear him do what he jsut did. Fucking cry baby! roll

I saw Chris Cornell in Wellington last night doing his accoustic songbook show.

That was a performance and that is a performer of the highest standard - Axl has not been anywhere close to the top 10 performers in the world since the late 80's-early 90's. Seeing this once great frontman puffing round, wheezing and squealing in a high pitched weird noise was like night and day compared to the great rock vocalist i witnessed last night -  really puts it in persepctive.

Re: Guns N' Roses Live From Rock In Rio

imsorry wrote:

thank god i didnt make it big_smile the crowd waited 1:40 under a strong rain to get this... so it was a new band that never played before?
fuck that shit

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Re: Guns N' Roses Live From Rock In Rio

Bono wrote:

at least this was awesome

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