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Re: The Original Slash Les Paul

Neemo wrote:

and considering that the Copy that slash used had the gibson logo on the headstock Clink may not have know...or even cared, by all accounts they got them in a recording mode and got through it as fast as they could since they were all uncontrollable hoodlums. so they made the most of their chance to get the recording done and out of the way

it is irony though that Slash now has a signature Appetite For Destruction Les Paul on the market that is based on a Counterfeit of a Gibson.... 16

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Re: The Original Slash Les Paul

Neemo wrote:

pretty cool

they are supposed to be wound like the vintage 1980's ones when GnR had first started, i guess somewhere along the lines Seymour Duncan (and guitar pickups in general) techniques get old and outdated and they started making the Alnico II's a different way .... but Mr Duncan and Slash got together to unleash these puppies 21

if i can string enough $$$ xmas gifts together i may seek a set out for my Epi LP 9 they are going for $225 + Tax around here though ($255 after Taxes)


Though he has dozens of amazing guitars, since 1986 Slash has used pretty much one very special Les Paul ® for all recording. The Alnico II Pro Slash was designed to give Slash's other Les Paul guitars-what he calls his "live guitars"-the exact tone of this legendary instrument.

Warm, moderate output humbucker. Recommended for jazz, blues, and classic rock.

Like the standard APH-1 Alnico II Pro, this pickup uses an Alnico 2 magnet. However, the Slash model is wound with just enough boosted output to push a stock Les Paul toward the sweet sustain and rude crunch that characterizes Slash's sound as heard on hundreds of tracks. In addition, it comes with some of the same appointments found on the Seymour Duncan pickups in Slash's '86 recording axe, including single-conductor cable, long-legged bottom plate, and wooden spacer. For the true fan, or the player who wants to capture Slash's recorded tone, this pickup is a critical part of the tone chain. This is same pickup found in the newest Gibson® Slash model Les Paul.

Complete setup
The Slash aficionado will use a pair of these pickups to capture that unmistakable tone. This pickup matches well with the SFX-11 Twin Tube Blue all-tube overdrive-distortion stompbox for singing leads and authoritative chording.

While designed for use in a Les Paul, this pickup works well in any well-balanced humbucker-equipped guitar. Also works great with hollow and semi-hollow body guitars.

Available Mods
Available in black, zebra, or reverse zebra. The infamous Slash recording guitar has a reverse zebra pickup in the bridge position and a zebra pickup in the neck position. This pickup is available individuallyor in the zebra/reverse zebra set.


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Re: The Original Slash Les Paul

Aussie wrote:

The main guitar Slash used for the majority of recording Appetite was a 59 bootleg that Alan Niven gave him. As Niven recalls. "I knew I had to help him when I found his latest guitar, an SG, sticking through the windscreen of the band rental van. I went to a great luthier, Jim Foote, to ask his advice. He had these two amazing bootleg 59 sunburst Les Pauls a friend of his had built. Brilliant instruments. We decided to add the Alnico pick-ups to update and customize the sound."

The 59s were made by the now deceased luthier Kris Derrig.  Kris had noted that in 1959 Les Paul's were assembled on a production line in Nashville.  He thought if he could find period material he could build a better guitar than Gibson.  Kris would buy old Gibsons from the period that weren't sunbursts and strip them down, dismantle them and rebuild them to his standard, finishing them as sunbursts.  At the time this was still economical as old LP's in the 80's weren't fetching the premium sort of prices you see today.

Kris made a total of 13 of them before he died.  Alan secured 2 of them, one of which he gave to Slash. The other he gave to his son, Corey. In or around 2000 Slash traded a number of his guitars for the second Derrig.

The '59 Derrig bootleg was used by Gibson to manufacture the recent limited edition re-issue , which says everything about the quality of the craftsmanship.

Information kindly confirmed by Alan Niven

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Re: The Original Slash Les Paul

RussTCB wrote:


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Re: The Original Slash Les Paul

Neemo wrote:

my xmas gift finally arrived! 21


and they were alot cheaper than originally estimated ($160) .... gotta love ebay! its too bad though that stores cant compete with the online sellers sad but if you can wait then there are seom great deals to be had

when i get a free day i will be retrofitting my Epi LP Std 21

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Re: The Original Slash Les Paul

Axlin16 wrote:

Awesome man!

Merry Slashmas! 21

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