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Re: Worst Christmas Gift

Stacey wrote:

What is the worst Christmas gift you've ever given/gotten?

I'm starting this topic in anticipation of the crap-show of gifts that may or may not grace our basement tonight at our White Elephant party.

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Re: Worst Christmas Gift

RussTCB wrote:


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Re: Worst Christmas Gift

DCK wrote:

Can't really think of any. A friend (girl) of mine gave me boxers once, I hated them from the start. A guy friend of mine had some sort of issue once, bad time, after football practise, needed underwear, so I gave it to him and told I would never want it back. It worked all ways - I got rid of the boxers, he got underwear and I of course I would not ever want to put that one again after a guy have already used it.

All win.

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Re: Worst Christmas Gift

Neemo wrote:

a wine bottle stopper with a golf ball on top? or a tea cozy 16

ok i am this blue jeans and black tshirt kinda rocker guy, 6'2" 220lbs...had long hair at the time...25 or so....and i got a tea cozy with flowers on 14

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Re: Worst Christmas Gift

monkeychow wrote:

LMAO...some great gift ideas in this thread.

Worst present I gave was buying an ex very expensive concert tickets for christmas (to a band she loved that I hate) and then like a week before xmas day she dumps me. Gave it to her anyway. Good gift bad choice of recipient. lol.

Someone gave one of my friends a tissue box holder that doesn't fit any size tissue box the other day...that's pretty special.

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Re: Worst Christmas Gift

Axlin16 wrote:

Worst gifts I ever got was boxer shorts (HATE them, and NEVER wear them), and of course the very cliche "Christmas sweater" that was of course too big and so GD gawdy that I would never dream of wearing it, even at Christmas.

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Re: Worst Christmas Gift

Bono wrote:

I got a 2X4 piece of wood about 12" long, one year from my dad, his wife and my brother. It had  my name painted on it in black and that was it.  I have no ida what they were thinking. It's the thought that counts but what woudl've really counted was had they just got me a card and not a fucking piece of wood. Stupid. Actually no it wasn't stupid it was flat out fucking retarded. Dumbest gift ever. It's not even a gift.

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Re: Worst Christmas Gift

Olorin wrote:

I get shitty things every year like boxers, socks and sweaters that I wouldnt be seen dead in but I dont really mind, I dont ask for anything and dont expect anything. It annoys me though that my daft maw fucking wraps up the socks and toiletries individually, so I'm opening these parcels and having to go "oh wow a can of deoderant, cheers maw!" 14

Cannie think of a worst present but I remember for some unknown reason my Granny bought me an advent calender, fun when when your young but I was 16. It wasnt just any advent calender though, it was the last one in the shop and all she could find - a fucking pink Barbie Doll calander!
I'm like Aye cheers Granny your a star thats brilliant18

Re: Worst Christmas Gift

AtariLegend wrote:

Deodorant, shaving gel and socks. Used to get every year from random relatives.

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Re: Worst Christmas Gift

Neemo wrote:

dude socks are the bomb! i mean who wants to actually buy socks?

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