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Re: Slash refuses to ever work with Scott Weiland again

buzzsaw wrote:

I see no way a reunion happens...that ship has sailed too.  Maybe at some point down the road, but right now Axl's circle of influence would sabotage any reunion (maybe even unintentionally) with Axl's current frame of mind.  He's likely to start distrusting even the guys he's made ammends with thinking Slash is trying to get them onto his side. 

Until Slash and Axl have a serious chat and hash things out, I can't see it happening for all the money in the world.  I think Cantor has it right...they see things differently, but if they sat down to hear the other's point of view with an open mind, I think they'd find out neither was as bad as they may be perceived to be.

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Re: Slash refuses to ever work with Scott Weiland again

tejastech08 wrote:
Axlin12 wrote:

Hypothetical question:

If Axl could sing like he used to. Let's say 2006 or 2010 SO GOOD on it's best day, like 1993 picking up where it left off...

Would you still not want the reunion?

Still wouldn't want it. I just want peace so we can get a bunch of classic live material from the vault.

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Re: Slash refuses to ever work with Scott Weiland again

Axlin16 wrote:

I disagree. With a full-percent 2010 Axl, and Slash at his current levels and Izzy being Izzy and Duff in the best shape of his life and Steven somewhat clean, and Dizzy with additional instruments...

I always felt there was ONE MORE album in these guys. One more to tell the story of going from the streets (AFD) to success (UYI) to what happened after, whether disillusion (probably) or contentment (maybe) in some sort of full circle i've still got that classic hard rock in me, mixed with sappy UYI ballad mixed with hints of darkness mixed with grunge mixed with what we wanted to say in '95 mixed with what we'd like to say today.

And that's it. Then we can go back and release old demos and the Perfect Crime movie and every DAT of the UYI shows Axl's got lying around in Del's room.

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Re: Slash refuses to ever work with Scott Weiland again

The frustrating thing for me is hearing the unrealised potential in their respective solo efforts. Particularly Slash's – for all that Myles is a nice guy, I find his lyrics very banal and packed to the brim with rock clichés. I mean, compare something like Bad Rain or Starlight with Catcher in the Rye, or Estranged. He's not even in the same league as Axl, lyrically. And when you do get someone who can write interesting lyrics – like Scott Weiland – they don't have the vocal range of Axl.

And while I'm an unashamed Robin Finck fanboy, I can't help but wonder what This I Love would sound like with Slash's guitar work on it.

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Re: Slash refuses to ever work with Scott Weiland again

Intercourse wrote:

Any mash ups of Apocolyptic Love tunes with Axls voice on them?

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