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Re: Hey, so, what's new?

PaSnow wrote:
AtariLegend wrote:

However downliner WTF? Metallex and Pasnow banned, this is such a small forum and to ban 2 very long time members out of almost no where, because they wanted Bono brought back? Way to lose sympathy bro.

This forum is self imploding and for all wrong reasons.

Hey thanks Atari for the support and BLS, and anyone else who may have chimed in.  It's nice to realize I'm known here, and liked (possibly).  Anyway, no hard feelings really Will, I respect what you made here and continue to upgrade.  I guess I have a completely lesser level of what I feel should and can go on here. More carefree. TBH, while I did like Bono & agreed with him quite often from what I recall, I was also a bit playing around.  I posted in the side Chat Room thingy for the first time ever, and I wrote BringBackB*** , somewhat a play on words as we all recall the Adler dude.  I didn't think it would be an issue when I closed my browser. As for this thread, I just figured it was fair game since the thread was active, I figured it was a chance to voice our thoughts or whatever, bid farewell to him, then it would be closed or locked in a few days.  Again, never thought it would lead to a ban, or that it deserved it.

Finally sorry to dwell on all that saga, but Razor you stated "Russ was fed up with Bono's shit and was going to leave the board.".  Isn't that an ultimatum??   Anyway I guess I just don't care about peoples opinions here. Especially here. People talk about the board seeming dull, well I guess I live in a different world than all you, but isn't this site based upon an oft defunct band?? I typed out some more stuff, but don't wanna open that whole can of worms here so I deleted that. But it's like having a Miami Marlins message board and wondering why the boards has been lame the last couple years?!  Some threads & topics are more lasting, GnR faded away in my life.  As for personaliy conflicts, if someone on the internet bothers you THAT much, you probably are taking it too seriously. I don't know the full details, but I thought it was just Bonos constant view on the band.  But it's not like he was a troll or spouting out "Your Mom" comebacks left & right.  James Lofton & I went at it heavy during the 2008 election, darn near personal. It's all good tho, I don't hate him.  Heck, turns out we were both wrong, they're all crooks!!  BLS & I went at it like a coupla old heavyweights during the 2009 Phillies/Yankees World Series, and it was some of my best times posting on here, and my team lost!   There was a guy at HTGTH years ago, Mike Guiliana or smt who was pretty abrasive, but it never got to me.  I guess I have a much further distance, and my allegiance to this band is nonexistent.

Anyway, whatever.  Will good luck if you redesign the site or something. IMHO the band is near dead anyway, but whatever. Do what you want.  Glad to be back everyone, in a way.

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