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Re: GNR Evo Stats

johndivney wrote:
Aussie wrote:

I believe it also meant that not just posts by him were deleted, if he happened to be the thread starter then the entire thread disappeared as well. So lots of posters by all members ultimately disappeared as a consequence as well.

Why did they let that happen? Was it an unforeseen consequence? No offence to Russ but that seems a high price to pay just so he could admin at mygnr! Doesn't seem very fair that.. Hmmm..


Was just coming on to maybe float the idea of doing another gnr top songs list: figuring estranged won't top these days; whether there'd be enough members to even make it worth while; the idea of inviting former members back for some reminiscing/voting, guys like bumblefoot who've nothing else going on right now..
But then I see this Russ thing & it just kinda bummed me out.

Re: GNR Evo Stats

AtariLegend wrote:

I wanted to do another standard "Elimination Series" for all the old albums again, since we haven't done one in 4 years. Used to do them all the time, obviously "Estranged" always won eventually. There's not many around though.

I think those extended down periods on the site last year or was it the year beforehand had a big effect on the site. Some regulars we haven't seen since. Of course the lack of band activity always hurt, but that down time... Just seemed like we might not even see Evo again.

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Re: GNR Evo Stats

buzzsaw wrote:

Guys, Russ isn't here to defend himself.  No need to beat the dead horse.  What happened happened.

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Re: GNR Evo Stats

Axlin16 wrote:

I think in hind-sight all of it boiled down to a changing of priorities, and Russ jumping ship.

In fairness to Russ, the guy is a total GN'R mark. I find it funny that he's kinda of the negative mod over there towards Axl, when in the past he would've been seen as an Axlite anywhere else.

But regardless MyGNR stays up the band's ass, on a daily basis. Other than Russ & Bono (ironically), there is literally NO ONE on this board, from myself, to Buzz, to ID, to James, to Neemo to BLS, etc. just close your eyes and point... NO ONE on this board in 2013-15 gives a flying fuck what fucking guitar pick Slash or Ron is giving away. No one cares.

Sure we cared when GN'R released Appetite For Democracy last year, but not enough to have a 300+ page thread on it. Most of the guys on this board retired YEARS AGO from that daily Guns grind. We just did. We got older. We got wiser. We moved on. Many guys on here have children, and wives and other stuff in their lives.

I was thrilled when AFDemocracy came out last year. I ripped the HD audio, and threw it immediately on my MP3 player (because the band doesn't release stuff correctly), and it sounded GREAT. I just relaxed and enjoyed the double live album during the summer. I actually felt like I had something GN'R special for the first time in years.

And it was BECAUSE I took a step back, I was able to enjoy it again like an innocent fan and it felt great.

I think alot of fans on this board have chose that option, or just moved on due to age. Most people on MyGNR on a DAILY basis, are just the die-est of the diehards, and are still hanging on.

GN'R will do something again, imo, but that fanbase is what it is now. And Russ, everything I knew about the guy, was always gonna go with that group. It was just in his blood as a fan. Others chose an opposite route, like myself.

It is what it is. Bands can't last forever, and we had a great run. Even the old Guns only last a few years, and that was that.

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