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Re: Comps for Soldier Field

I called the venue Box Office because I need help finding two ADA seats. The Soldier Field Box Office said they do not handle tickets for concerts at the venue and to just call Ticketmaster. I called Live Nation's Chicago HQ and they also said they could not help me. They gave me a phone number for Ticketmaster and said it is  their Customer Service Support phone number. Guess what? It is a phone number for buying tickets with no assistance for customers with special needs. So I guess the message is if you happen to have a disability and a fan of the band you can forget about getting the chance to buy seats that could possibly accommodate your needs. Now I am shut out of sales.
I tried to find the tour manager and the band's mgmt. and TB is the only if anyone can help....I'll just there any chance that 2 comps are available for the Solider Field date? I have heard that some bands do sometimes provide these....I can then cross going to a GNR concert off my bucket list.  Thank-you and God bless!

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Re: Comps for Soldier Field

Neemo wrote:

You may have to call ticket master or the box office when tickets go on sale to the public tomorrow and order them the old fashioned way...over the phone to select ur seats

Not sure what it's like in Chicago. ..but up here in Canada the barrier-free sections are exclusive to those with special needs and their  guests

Make sure u speak to an agent directly and not the automated assistant

best of luck...I hope you are able to get the seats u need

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Re: Comps for Soldier Field

Axlin16 wrote:

Not sure if this helps, but went tix went on sale Friday, Disabled seats were available for purchase from Ticketmaster, no different than any other seat.

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