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Re: Songs about Axl Rose/GNR

James wrote:

THis one most definitely is as I remember Haggis saying so in an interview back in 1991. Don't ask for a source. I don't own those mags from back then anymore. Older fans here probably remember this as well.

GReat song. Pretty sure the song was inspired by Haggis being around them when he filled in for Duff temporarily. I know Axl promoted this band back then wearing their T shirt....which is why I bought it. tongue In one of the mags at the time(1991) he also said it was one of his favorite albums out. Was blown away by how good it was. This band had the potential to be huge, maybe Black Crowes level but grunge and other music knocked them off the radar fairly quickly.

I highly recommend their debut album. First three songs are an incredible 1-2-3 punch. Tired Wings is the third song. Here's the other two....

The Metallica song 'King Nothing' is supposed to be about Axl.

I always thought their song 'The Memory Remains' was really about Axl but many disagree.

Any other songs about or rumored to be about Axl?

Re: Songs about Axl Rose/GNR

johndivney wrote:

Against me - Reinventing axl rose

P sure there was a bls or zakk track seemed like a guns/axl reference..

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Re: Songs about Axl Rose/GNR

faldor wrote:

Lana Del Rey - Axl Rose Husband

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Re: Songs about Axl Rose/GNR

Furbush wrote:

The lyrics don't really say anything, but I'm sure that Zakk said that the bones of this song were written with Duff during the Zakk/Guns jams back in '96.

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