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Re: Izzy tweet about Axl and Duff interview

misterID wrote:
Ragnar wrote:

If this is true then Izzy is a greedy POS. Fuck him and whoever whinges what an unjustice has been done to him. … -show-fee/

Really, Izzy wanting a lot of money doesn't bother me. Why shouldn't he demand a shitload of money? He's not dumb, this tour will be making a lot more money than the other times he showed up, he's more important than Steven, I'd be demanding fifty-sixty grand a night.  Maybe a hundred if he's playing on like eight-ten songs.

But this should forever kill the belief that Izzy didn't care about money.

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Re: Izzy tweet about Axl and Duff interview

Brett wrote:

You don't have to be all about money to be against playing for free. Just because he doesn't care about money doesn't mean he should play for fuck all to appease Axl and hardcore idiot fans.

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Re: Izzy tweet about Axl and Duff interview

James wrote:
jimmythegent wrote:

You guys make valid points but I can't feel great with this "it's just business" approach.
That's exactly my point - it clearly is just all about business and a cash grab, so I guess we can all acknowledge that.

Just a shame that the principal songwriter, founding member and soul of the band isn't part of it because they wanted to split an absolute fortune 3 ways instead of 4. I always thought Guns represented something different than commerce. From a music/art, legacy and 'band of brother's/shared history sense, it is a shame for me. But perhaps I'm too much of a romantic and should just enjoy this solely for what it is - a massive, last chance saloon cash grab feeding off the 30-40 set who never saw them in their heyday.

I also find the "Izzy is a flake" apologism laughable - look at the output of 'Guns N' Roses' since his departure? He bailed on a bunch of barely functioning drug addicts, alcoholics and a raging megalomaniac out of touch with reality in 91 who was trying and succeeding in minimising his involvement in the band more and more. You can chart a very clear trajectory of pre-GNR Sucking and post with Izzys presence and departure.

Excellent points and you're right that nothing was the same after he bailed and the proof is in the pudding. Having said that, he couldn't possibly expect things to go back to the way they were summer 1991 and pick up where they left off.

We don't know exactly what he wanted. Did he want in full time and to do hundreds of shows? Did he want to just appear onstage for 14 Years and/or DNB and a couple AFD cuts? Does he want to record with them? No matter which scenario it is, he has little to no bargaining chips. It immediately turned into a massive touring juggernaut that doesn't even need promotion to fuel the machine. Its getting rave reviews from day one and a lineup no one(generally speaking) is complaining about. Adler popping up for select dates was a feel good story and few if any media outlets are pointing out the absence of any ex members. Hell, Fortus looks like Izzy and at shows with Adler,  casual fans probably think the AFD lineup is onstage with a few extra musicians.

Most of the shows have sold out and even the shows with empty seats were bought and paid for by scalpers. They cant ask for a more successful tour. Bring in Izzy, Sorum, etc. will not sell more tickets. Izzy being included would be great for hardcore GNR/Izzy fans but other than DNB/14 Years and/or the possibility of new music, he doesn't really bring anything to the table.

The only real bargaining chip he has is if GNR decide to do a real AFD reunion for a small tour or residency. Adler would do it without hesitation and probably for peanuts but no Izzy= no AFD reunion. You could have 4/5 and have Fortus, Gilby, or a new guy in his slot but you couldn't market it as a legit reunion.

He's between a rock and a hard place. We also don't know exactly when and where things broke down. Supposedly he was in rehearsals in the early stage of the reunion.......which would mean he was willing to play ball and vice versa.

I agree with you that he was a crucial element of the band and it all fell apart when he bailed. The fact that they came to him at least twice(1995 and 2001) to either join and/or bring songs to the table shows that they knew how important he was/is. If he joins in 95/96 the whole thing plays out differently. If he joins in 2000-01, he's onstage at Rio with the CD lineup. Having said that, I don't think it does him any favors in the long run....

I don't like the "Izzy is a flake" mentality either but there is some fire underneath all that smoke. IF they did bring him in, they'd have to place Fortus or another guitarist on standby and on salary in case Izzy didn't show up. Whose pocket does that expense come out of?

The reunion is basically just a modern day UYI lineup and the world at large seems satisfied with it.

Agree with mama's boy.......going public was probably the wrong way to handle it.

You think it was that they approached him for guest spots (ie Steven) and he wanted the full time gig, or that he wanted the split Slash and Duff were getting for the guest spot?

The million dollar question.

Bailed on his own band
- no he didn't... you are making things up...

The old story goes that he left the Ju Ju Hounds basically stranded for no reason.

What's the real story?

elevendayempire wrote:

Well, Izzy has past form in re-using riffs that he wrote for other projects, so that doesn't rule out seeing the original version some time.

Yep......another good example of this is Keef/Stones.


eventually became this.....

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Re: Izzy tweet about Axl and Duff interview

polluxlm wrote:

Had almost forgot how good that song is.

This is another one that shows you can still create gold into old age:

I'd have to agree that Izzy would be crucial to that kind of output. He's the Keith of GN'R in terms of songwriting.

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Re: Izzy tweet about Axl and Duff interview

apex-twin wrote:
James Lofton wrote:

The only real bargaining chip he has is if GNR decide to do a real AFD reunion for a small tour or residency. Adler would do it without hesitation and probably for peanuts but no Izzy= no AFD reunion. You could have 4/5 and have Fortus, Gilby, or a new guy in his slot but you couldn't market it as a legit reunion.

Yup, that's about the size of it. Had they insisted on the AFD5 reuniting, getting Izzy around would've been crucial. Fans would've been sold short had we gotten the Big Three with Adler instead of Frank. However, this is the Big Three humming along a continuation of the UYI tour. Nothing wrong with that, they're solid on a nightly basis.

Am I sorry for Izzy's absence? Yes. It would've been a hoot to have him on board.
Does Izzy's absence make any difference? Between him and the other members, yes. Many fans will long for him, but most will attend the shows anyway.

While this tour is a cash-grab, in that it's big business and Guns want their payday, Slash and Axl seem to genuinely enjoy sharing the stage again. Financials can (and likely, do) play a big part in their decision-making process, but there may also be an actual friendship rekindled.

Ironic. During the lean years, Izzy was the one who hung out with everyone else (even Axl). Now that the rest of them have regrouped, Izzy's the odd one out.

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