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James Lofton
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Re: New Tour Dates Added

James Lofton wrote:

Sacramento has my name on it. I wasn't expecting that to pop up. I figured it would just be Oakland/SF.

Last time I bought tickets to Sac(2006) it was canceled.

Second time the charm?

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Re: New Tour Dates Added

faldor wrote:

You should be good to go this time around James. Hope you get to finally see them. I know you missed them last time around with your health scare. Enjoy the shit out of it!

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Re: New Tour Dates Added

bigbri wrote:

This is awesome

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Re: New Tour Dates Added

That DC show in October, I could most certainly get to that unlike the FedEx Field one last year which was a little out of my direction. I can't miss one of these shows especially since Slash and Duff are involved. Got plenty of GNR shirts to wear for the occasion too. smile

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Re: New Tour Dates Added

buzzsaw wrote:

Went to the show in Winston-Salem last night.  I didn't take any pictures; I just sat back and appreciated what was going on.  I really enjoyed the show, but after 5 shows in the last 15 months or so, I think I am ready to take a break for a bit.  If they come close enough to me that I don't need to travel at all, I'll go.  Otherwise I think I am done until whenever or if ever the next tour comes around.

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