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Re: #metoo

apex-twin wrote:

Noticed anything about those #metoo stories about Axl or the band?

There aren't any.

Does this come around with rock stars at all?

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Re: #metoo

monkeychow wrote:

It did a little bit when David Bowie died.

Amongst the tributes there were people with stories.

Likewise I think Jimmy Page is on borrowed time for similar reasons.

But the wide scale version of it hasn't happened yet - a mate of mine thinks it's comming and music will be the next movie business in terms of the social media campaign.

There's hints here and there - such as the "Free Ke$ha" movement.

But I think it will start in pop first.

Like people expect guys like Tommy Lee to be bad boys - it's their thing - but they won't like to hear what happened to the Miley's and the Tailor's behind the curtain I thinl.

Smoking Guns
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Re: #metoo

Smoking Guns wrote:

Yes, nobody is gonna be pissed from rock stars banging chics that want to bang them.

But those that took advantage of girl artists, that will be the shit that makes the news.

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Re: #metoo

Gagarin wrote:

You'll also notice that MeToo has not even touched the issue of pedophiles/assault on children.
See Nickelodeon and their shady producer.  Check out how many ''teen acts" got start on children shows - Mickey Mouse, Kidz Incorporated. That should be Today show material every day of the week, just like the gymnasts.
People like Justin, Spears, Christina... I'm sure there's some stories. Show-biz parents and Hollywood, a bad combination for singers, too.

I hope they get some light. There was a fantastic documentary that got buried.
That actor from Glee that committed suicide because he was going to go to jail for child porn? Would you be surprised if it wasn't suicide?

I'm also betting there's a whole lot of MeToo types that don't want to say MeToo because that would expose them as someone who traded sex favors for roles. Nobody wants to get in front of that line. "Yes, I sold myself and it turned out pretty good, as I type this from my mansion." Remember 'the fappening' that happened a few years ago, all those pictures of celebs that got 'hacked' from iCloud or iPhones? What if only ONE phone was hacked, and it was, say, Harvey's phone? Hmmm.

There's plenty of negative stories about rockstars. Axl beats women, etc. I'm sure some underage girls were involved.

You know the whole "grab them by the pussy" controversy with Trump?
My first reaction was "Yeah, I bet that worked 80% of the time" because I've heard/read too many stories about groupies and women around famous/rich/semi-famous people, whether actors, musicians, or wrestlers. I guess I'm cynical.

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Re: #metoo

misterID wrote:

I've been waiting for someone to bring this up the moment he got openly political. I also think #MeToo is about to hit the wall, especially seeing the debacle with Uma Thurman and Tarantino last night. They tried to make an on set accident into a me too thing, with countless celebs and news mags eviscerating QT only for Uma to come to his defense and make the whole thing look like a hysterical witch hunt... Which it is.

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Re: #metoo

misterID wrote:

Just a funny update, Uma clarified Tarantino was on her side and got her the footage of the accident at his own peril, on top of being remorseful. Since the hit job article didn't land the critical blow, they dredged up a 15 year old interview with him taking up for Roman Polanski on Howard Stern. He apologized, and the woman said, basically, no one had the right to be pissed off on her behalf, another slap down on #MeToo... Now they found an interview on the DVD special features of Planet Terror where Fergie said Tarantino bit her while playing a zombie... A comment that was made clearly light heartedly and not accusatory, with her saying she was going to bite him back.

#MeToo has jumped the shark. A movement with good intentions taken over by small minded people on a big pathetic power trip.

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Re: #metoo

mitchejw wrote:
misterID wrote:

#MeToo has jumped the shark. A movement with good intentions taken over by small minded people on a big pathetic power trip.

This may be true...and if Uma Thurman and whoever else had a hidden agenda in making these accusations, then they should be humiliated.

Let's not lose sight of the fact that we're right back to where we started...or even worse. It's hard to tell what the long term effect of this will be on the actual issue. For the near future, I see less people sharing their  valid, legitimate stories because of crap like this.

I'm starting to think that the best we can do in this society is what we're already doing...pretending there really is no problem.

I think we'd all be fooling ourselves if we tried to convince ourselves that it didn't occur in some capacity within the confines of Rock n' Roll.

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Re: #metoo

misterID wrote:

Uma didn't accuse him, Maureen Dowd did in her article, and never mentioned the producers who she DID blame. Uma had to go to Instagram and clarify. Folks weren't satisfied because it didn't destroy his career, so they dug up the 15 year old interview, which Polanski's victim said she was not going to be used for their agenda (Tarantino apologized to her personally). That backfired so they found an interview on the special features DVD of Planet Terror that he bit Fergie... Which she called bullshit on today, that they were having fun.

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Re: #metoo

Looks like it's inching closer to GN'R: … ll-groupie

Roxana Shirazi, 44, a former self-described groupie who wrote the 2011 book, The Last Living Slut: Born in Iran, Bred Backstage, about her experiences, says her own desires were her priority when she began pursuing musicians including members of Mötley Crüe and Guns N’ Roses. “I wasn’t a 19-year-old, wide-eyed young girl – I was 28 when I first met a musician,” she says. “I was very in tune with my sexuality. I wanted to be around guys who I liked, and I wanted them to treat me equally. I wasn’t going to be of service to them; I wanted to be happy and turned on.”

Despite her confidence, she saw a dark side to the lifestyle. “It’s never possible to have full agency [as a groupie],” she says. “From the outset, the power structure is not equal. They’re famous, and, unless you’re famous yourself, you’re not on the same plane.” In The Last Living Slut, Shirazi documented what she describes as emotional abuse from the Guns N’ Roses keyboardist, Dizzy Reed (whom she claims pressured her to have an abortion). The reaction was markedly different from the condemnation such allegations tend to receive today – she was, she says, ostracised by people in the music industry. “A lot of the initial reactions were: ‘Good … well done,’” she says. “Women wrote to me and said: ‘I had the same experience with so-and-so. Do you think I should come forward?’ Then it was all shut down. If I went to LA to see my friends, there were places I couldn’t go; it was like I spoke out against this thing that I shouldn’t have.”

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Re: #metoo

zombux wrote:

#whynotme? tongue

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