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Re: GNR.FM | Destruction Is Coming

Those expensive boots had all these weird and cheesy names too.

For Motherfuckers Only(who thought of this name?)
Cover of Love
44 Caliber Horticulture
One More Illusion(which was the Ritz, not Illusions)

Tons more but that's off the top of my head

Yeah it was a money pit but it was exciting seeing all these cds and ordering them. The youtube/downloading era cheaper obviously but its just not the same when you can look up any song by any band and instantly have it. Its played a huge role in the decline of music and how people look at it as disposable.

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Re: GNR.FM | Destruction Is Coming

Neemo wrote:

I still have the unplugged CD and the Paris 3 cd box set bootleg

The unplugged has cbgb's on it...aside from the cbgb and Ritz show and B-sides I dunno why u need anything else from the AFD /lies era

This box set is pretty underwhelming to me especially for the price the are asking....but I've never been one for misc trinkets

Wtf am I supposed to do with all that crap they are putting in that box?

I'll likely buy the 2cd version...That's it

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Re: GNR.FM | Destruction Is Coming

Wagszilla wrote:


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Re: GNR.FM | Destruction Is Coming

Aussie wrote:

^^^^ 16

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Re: GNR.FM | Destruction Is Coming

Walker wrote:

I already hate myself, so what's the real harm in buying locked n' loaded.

in for super deluxe right now, subject to change

Re: GNR.FM | Destruction Is Coming

GUNS N' ROSES Makes First 'Mainstream Rock Songs' Chart Appearance In Nearly A Decade

GUNS N' ROSES' "Shadow Of Your Love" has landed at position No. 31 on Billboard's Mainstream Rock Songs chart after being released earlier in the month to promote the upcoming reissue of the band's debut studio album, 1987's "Appetite For Destruction". The song, written by singer Axl Rose and friend Paul Tobias, was originally recorded by Axl's pre-GUNS N' ROSES band HOLLYWOOD ROSE. It then ended up being the first track GN'R ever rehearsed together for "Appetite" producer Mike Clink during studio sessions circa 1986.

"It was magic from the first day," Steven Adler, the band's drummer at the time, said. "The first song we played in rehearsal was 'Shadow Of Your Love', and Axl showed up late. We were playing the song, and right in the middle of the song, Axl showed up and he grabbed the microphone and was running up and down the walls screaming. I thought, 'This is the greatest thing ever.' We knew right then what we had."

The newly released version of "Shadow Of Your Love" earned 1.1 million audience impressions in three days of airplay across all rock radio formats in the U.S. in the week ending May 7, according to Nielsen Music. "Shadow" is GN'R's first track to crack Mainstream Rock Songs in nearly a decade and its 22nd entry overall. … -a-decade/

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Re: GNR.FM | Destruction Is Coming

monkeychow wrote:

"Shadow" is GN'R's first track to crack Mainstream Rock Songs in nearly a decade and its 22nd entry overall.

I love how they made that sound like they've been dropping singles that didn't make the chart... 16

If it's the first in under a decade, then essentially, it's the first that made the chart since the last time they released anything at all... 16

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Re: GNR.FM | Destruction Is Coming

-Jack- wrote:

So does the remastered stuff sound considerably better than the old stuff?

Anyone give it a listen yet? I haven't followed recently so I'm unsure if it's out already.

Re: GNR.FM | Destruction Is Coming

Shadow sounds so much better that some fans thought they had added music/vocals to it.

All these demos in HQ is going to be amazing.

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