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Re: The Sopranos

There are so many clues and metaphors over the whole last series as to what was coming and the final scene plays it perfectly - as David Chase has repeatedly said "its all there" - you've just got to be watching closely.

That's a fair point....BUT.....Chase goes back and forth on what "all there" really is.

This is why it feels the audience was punk'd. If he wants Tony dead....then fucking say that....stick to it....own it...and move on. I don't know his latest feelings on the series but he waffled on this when Gandolfini was still alive. It doesn't seem like much of a vision when the creator himself waffles on it.

I can't for the life of me understand how a fan who'd watched the entire series would want to be spoonfed the ending

I didn't need it spoonfed. I just think the caliber of this series deserved something else...and no I didn't need to see a money shot at the end.

I didn't watch this show when it was on primetime. I got into it two years after it ended and marathoned it. People like me and Flagg who saw the storyline play out in huge chunks instead of over 8 years may have a different perspective on the whole thing.

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Re: The Sopranos

Neemo wrote:

Im in season 4 now...episode 2 or 3

Re: The Sopranos

I dove into season six a couple days ago. I have a greater appreciation for Phil. I love Johnny Sack but Tony needed Phil to help keep him in check earlier in the series. On the other hand, the rise of Phil and how the NY/NJ issues are handled as the series winds down shows us that Tony's crew isn't nearly as powerful as we were led to believe earlier in the series.

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