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Re: The Super Hero Movie Epidemic

Neemo wrote:

Anyone else sick of these movies popping up several times a year...each movie basically a clome of the previous?

Between SH Flicks and remakes i think Hollywood has lost their creativeness

IMO they have figured out a formula to maximize theatre attendance and they stay well within that comfort zone

I swear each movie has just the right amount of comedic relief and action so people dont get too bored or serious...keep em happy and buying overpriced junk food

Or maybe I'm just getting old...last 2 ive seen in theatres ... Gaurdians of the galaxy and deadpool 2

If i get my way i wont be seeing another dc or marvel movie on the big rather stay home and watch an HBO or Netflix original tv show

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Re: The Super Hero Movie Epidemic

bigbri wrote:

Not to mention, there are so many it costs a ton of money to keep up.

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Re: The Super Hero Movie Epidemic

PaSnow wrote:

Uggh, tell me about it. It's outta control. I really only like Batman. Never got into Spiderman, although I can respect it once in a while. Oddly I feel they need to make more Supermans (Why no Man Of Steel 2?).   After that its ridiculous. Captain America, Iron Man (They were good tho I'll admit, the first 1 or 2 at least), Hulk, Deadpool, Avengers, Thor blah blah blah. I bet I missed half a dozen of 'em. They also oversaturate them, as is Star Wars. Every year there's 3 or 4 superhero movies, and Solo has come out 6 months after the last Star Wars?  WTF.

I kinda feel for millenials though. There is no Swingers or Reality Bites for their generation. No The Departed or Black Hawk Down. Just no great live storytelling films.

I think it's time they reboot The Matrix though. Create a sequel to them.

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Re: The Super Hero Movie Epidemic

Brett wrote:

I went from movies being my favorite form of art to watching maybe 5-6 a year. I have a giant DVD collection. Movies today are totally fucked because of these comic book and cartoon nerds.

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Re: The Super Hero Movie Epidemic

Rex wrote:

As long as they're good/entertaining, I don't mind.

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Re: The Super Hero Movie Epidemic

Blaskos19 wrote:

Absolutely! That’s what I do, sit at home and watch Netflix. My kids recently found some nice shows by Andrew Yeatman on Netflix so now, even they are going to be busy with it. It is one of the best websites for entertainment and for kids, there is a lot of knowledgeable shows.

Smoking Guns
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Re: The Super Hero Movie Epidemic

Smoking Guns wrote:

Also these superhero movies have seemed to become so political and PC always pushing an agenda.

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