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Re: Buckmaster-Beltrami on Chinese Democracy

atlashrugs wrote:

i want the 4 tracks this dude worked on

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Re: Buckmaster-Beltrami on Chinese Democracy

misterID wrote:
esoterica wrote:

This one always throws me for a loop:

James Barber wrote:

"The Robin Finck/Josh Freese/Tommy Stinson/Billy Howerdel/Dizzy Reed version of the album that existed in 1998 was pretty incredible. It still sounded like GNR but there were elements of Zeppelin, Nine Inch Nails and Pink Floyd mixed in." (James Barber, Poptones, 10/16/05)

It also begs the question of legality, especially considering the impression was that Axl was delegating to Paul Huge on these matters.

It'd be a liability nightmare.

Then again, this is the music industry.

That description sounds right on the money.

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Re: Buckmaster-Beltrami on Chinese Democracy

jimmythegent wrote:
James wrote:

I've been wondering about all these working titles, where they originate, and WHY. I mean.. obviously I know what a working title is but until CD, I never seen one song have multiple titles, and in some cases they appear to go back and forth.

It's odd.

It's why for years I had believed quick song was an initial working title for CD, based on the description of the song.

When Better leaked I thought it might be 2 songs melded into a more cohesive track. With Thyme melding into PRL, this might have been a regular occurrence as the project moved ahead.

100 + songs/fragments was reduced to 40.....


There's also a situation with....

Street of Dreams
The Blues

With this track, we know of three specific versions:

The more up tempo version performed in 2001

The 2002 version

The neutured wannabe REO Speedwagon ballad it became in 2006 and on the album.

Maybe each version had it's own working title?

I think it comes down to the project length, the disparate members and the way in which he went about creating it.

This germination of CD was ultimately a bunch of hired hands in a studio coming up with fragments that Axl picked through and pieced together.

Re: Buckmaster-Beltrami on Chinese Democracy

Sky Dog wrote:

This whole thread is as confused as the Chinese Democracy recording sessions were. Trying to make sense of this clusterfuck is futile! Happy Sunday! axl

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