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Re: Matt Sorum's book leaks online.

slashsfro wrote:
AtariLegend wrote:
Sky Dog wrote:

What beef would he have with Duff and Slash?

Read my summary on the first page. It's a series of Slash screwing out off money... for example Axl tells Matt he should get 10% Matt agrees, Slash says no way afterwards.

Matt wants to start a band, basically Snakepitt is his and Slash's idea. He finds out that Slash during a rehersal has changed the name to Slash's snakepitt. They fight a few times including during vr.

Slash wants the Buckcherry singer. After they've jammed for a few months tells Matt he's quiting the band because he doesn't like the singer... matt says they'll get rid off the singer instead, later on he wants rid of the other guitarist from Buckcherry too... leaving Matt in a bad position.

Also during the gn'r days... Axl, Slash and Duff go out for an extra bow which annoys Matt. Complains to Slash who tell them, we get to do thst because we started the band.

Slash also didn't want him at the Rock N Roll hall of fame.

Slash ignored him when he was trying to find out about the reunion ect... ect.

Every few chapters once Slash is introduced... there's something.

As for Duff, there's a few things... but the books final chapter is Matt trying to get Duff to insist on him joining. Duff says I already signed. Suggests Duff said the drummer can't play (Frank). When Matt brings up Izzy, Duff says fuck izzy. There's more.

Sorry, typing on phone.

Other claims include the suggestion that Stephanie felt up Matt in a car while Axl was looking the other way. Thinking Stephanie would fuck everyone in the band if she could. Also Matt had an opportunity to sleep with Elizabeth Taylor (bit of a stretch) at the Freddie tribute show.

Also lots of stories about Lars wanting to know what's going on with Guns. Lars appears more than Izzy, Gilby combined

Worth checking out.

On the Snakepit stuff, I thought the stuff about just adding Slash's in front of the band was extremely petty.  On the other hand,  I don't exactly have an issue with him getting peeved on discovering that Slash has hired Eric Dover without Matt's knowledge.

That tidbit on Liz Taylor was definitely bullshit/or his imagination.  The one part about Cher wanting to sleep with Duff I also found funny.

The Lars stuff I found interesting.  First of all, Matt gives an interesting version of infamous Montreal riot.  And secondly, there was a definite rivalry between Guns and Metallica on that tour and in general in 1991.  There was that one story where Sorum got blamed for Axl no showing a studio session was pretty funny.

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Re: Matt Sorum's book leaks online.

Gnfnr wrote:
Link31 wrote:

Would love to read the book. Are there any links to share. PM me if available. Thanks.

+1 plz ?

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Re: Matt Sorum's book leaks online.

WARose wrote:

I‘m also looking for this one.

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Re: Matt Sorum's book leaks online.

metallex78 wrote:

Lol @ all the “Sorum is a douche” comments.

The guy is the only one with big enough balls to tell the rest of them how it really is.

I’m glad that we’re hearing the stories without any pussyfooting around, in case someone is offended.

No doubt he’s burned bridges, but what does he have to lose anyway?
They picked a subpar drummer with ZERO chemistry with Duff and Slash, not to mention lack of timing and drumming skills, to complete a “reunion” tour, rather than getting the next best guy in the drum stool outside of Adler.

Good for him I say.

Looking forward to reading it all. And if it’s ever released officially, I’ll buy a copy too.

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Re: Matt Sorum's book leaks online.

I dunno, I think Sorum's personality ruled him out of the reunion. They wanted a reliable company man; Adler wasn't picked because the pressure of touring might be too much for him, and reading some of the Sorum anecdotes - his "80s Motley Crue bullshit" with the groupies etc - probably made them balk at using him.

If anyone, they should've got Brain back for the tour.

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Re: Matt Sorum's book leaks online.

zombux wrote:

while I've always considered him a douche and this doesn't change anything on that, I REALLY appreciate how honest he is, without any shady half-assed bable he just goes dead straight to the point. I can't say a thing against that and this open talk quite made me like the guy.

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Re: Matt Sorum's book leaks online.

otto wrote:

Will read it tonight

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Re: Matt Sorum's book leaks online.

buzzsaw wrote:

I was bored, so read the book today.  There's definitely some bitterness from him.  These books are interesting reads if nothing else because it's interesting how different people view things (or remember things) differently.  I like reading the different perspectives on events.

There's a lot of this I can't relate to because I've never gone into business with someone...the only business I ever owned was a sole proprietorship.  I can see where it would hurt if others in the partnership didn't value you the same way you value yourself.  From his perspective, he got screwed over a couple times.  Maybe he did.  Some of that is his own fault for trusting people.  It shouldn't be this way, but it's a dog eat dog world.

That said, he's done pretty well for himself and while he could have done better had some different things happened along the way, he's had an interesting life and experienced things (for better or worse) that most people never will.

The book itself is terrible.  It's just not well written.  Some boring chapters; some that could have been expanded on.  It's not surprising it got dropped.  If you're not a GnR fan, there's really no point in reading the book.  He's done so much and worked with so many that he could have made it more appealing to more groups of people.  A book more like The Dirt could have been more appealing to a bigger audience.

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Re: Matt Sorum's book leaks online.

FlashFlood wrote:

I can’t believe the blabbermouths of the world haven’t picked up on this being dropped yet...

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Re: Matt Sorum's book leaks online.

misterID wrote:

That VH1 documentary on VR looking for a lead singer was a good view into the relationship between him, Slash and Duff, and the scene that sticks with me was Duff being complete disgusted with him and calling him out for his treatment of the singers.

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