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Randall Flagg
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Re: The Boys

I love this show.  I was enamored with it last year when it came out.  Season 2 has been fun, but I don't care for the weekly format.  Anyone else a fan?

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Re: The Boys

Neemo wrote:

Yea i watch it as well ... its pretty sweet, love the sick humor

Homelander actor is really good, the deep storyline ilhas some pretty funny moments

A bit Off topic but Jack quaids head looks like someone took dennis quaid top half of his head and stuck it on the bottom half of meg ryans it was bothering me like wtf is this guy he looks kinda familiar? I had to look him up on imdb and realized who his parents are

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Re: The Boys

BLS-Pride wrote:

Loving season 2, not a fan of the weekly format either. Now laser my fucking tits. Homelands steals the show again this year. Such a greta performance. Intrigued where its gonna go. Ive never read the comics.

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Re: The Boys

IRISH OS1R1S wrote:

Started watching it tonight because of this thread. 2 episodes in and I'm liking it a lot. Good recommendation.

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