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Re: Disney says bye to fairy god-mothers

James wrote:



I've went on a couple "unhinged" rants on the trans issue over the years...the post above wasn't one of them.

Their addressable market for this attraction has now been expanded to include boys, and their hiring pool has been expanded to include men. Sounds like they're following the money.

Changing the name isn't going to make boys start loving fairy godmothers. If it does anything, it will turn off anyone who is interested in fairy godmothers....more specifically parents who buy this stuff.

Following the money would've been just keeping things normal. Hell...they could've allowed men to work there without even acknowledging it.

They'll learn eventually.

Also notice how this wokeism crap is only for here. They are unlikely to pull this stunt in China. They don't fall for it over there and they'd probably lose tons of customers/money.

I want consistency in this nonsense. If it's good for the goose...

In this country you get labeled the grand wizard of the KKK if you mention anything about racism but these same people are perfectly fine with these companies lightening the skin of black actors for the Asian market.

I'm a Nazi if I don't believe in non-binary but I'm a racist if I point out how the industry caters its movies to a country that doesn't believe in it and doesn't get that crap shoved down its throat.

The whole movement is absurd.

Just like a company is concerned about following the law, this is also becoming a de facto law: if somebody accuses you of being a bigot, you are a bigot. So better stay very safe. This could be as innocent as simply "misgendering people". Insanity is taking over across the board, even in terms of money. Would you pay not to be targeted by the mob?

What makes it even more absurd is how so much of it is an illusion being propped up by social media. Yes it has infected real life...but how much of it has been fueled by bots and troll farms? Should corporations and people in general indulge something of that magnitude? If so...where is the line?

Even then, though, do you really think it will stop? We’ve seen so many woke products and such crash and burn, but the studios seem intent on pushing this agenda nonetheless.

I don't know when it will stop or exactly how. Eventually.... something will trigger a bigger backlash.

It may take a series of box office bombs, decreased attendance, and a tidal wave of negative social media to bring it to a close.


God I can't stand this.

It's another thing the real feminists were right about... it's an attempt to place regular people in an "other" category while slowly moving the minority into the default..

Man/Woman....trans man/trans woman

That's all that was needed.

We don't need new terms to describe regular people.

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Re: Disney says bye to fairy god-mothers

Neemo wrote:

I'm not angry at's pure comedy for me at this point

We need to remember that is ok for people to be offended

Some mother fuckers must just lay awake at night wondering what obscure cause to fight for next...they just gotta be messing with the social media warriors right?

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Re: Disney says bye to fairy god-mothers

misterID wrote:

I’m angry, I liked Splash Mountain!

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Re: Disney says bye to fairy god-mothers

tejastech08 wrote:

The woke agenda is off the rails.

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Re: Disney says bye to fairy god-mothers

slashsfro wrote:

Having read the article a few times, I have no clue why anyone would find "Fairy Godmothers in Training" offensive or why it needed to be changed.

Triple H
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Re: Disney says bye to fairy god-mothers

Triple H wrote:

Absolute insanity. It's incredibly fucked that all those who support this shit would also consider themselves feminists, yet they are literally participating in the eradication of woman. Fucking losers. Those who can't see this kind of stuff is a blatant attack on erasing women and what it means to be a woman are truly blind.

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